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* DEB build scripts: fixed code for cross-building. Remove extraMichele Calgaro2018-11-233-3/+2
* DEB build scripts:Michele Calgaro2018-10-074-5/+7
* DEB build scripts:Michele Calgaro2018-08-303-22/+9
* DEB build scripts: update to update_repositories script.Michele Calgaro2018-08-191-63/+106
* DEB build scripts: remove dead branches from all "remote"s, not onlyMichele Calgaro2018-08-151-0/+3
* DEB build scripts:Michele Calgaro2018-07-306-102/+105
* DEB/UBU build scripts: fixed typo in README.Slávek Banko2018-07-241-1/+1
* DEB/UBU build scripts.Michele Calgaro2018-07-247-80/+153
* DEB build scripts: several enhancements as follow:Michele Calgaro2018-07-1144-572/+771
* DEB build scripts: major update aimed at simplifying the use forMichele Calgaro2018-06-2026-365/+384
* DEB build scripts: major update of README file after testing on a cleanMichele Calgaro2018-06-053-77/+95
* DEB build scripts: various fixes to allow normal user to build packages.Michele Calgaro2018-06-036-38/+49
* DEB build scripts: improved support for pbuilder and fixed problem with apt-f...Michele Calgaro2018-05-285-7/+73
* DEB build scripts: fixed support for extra dependency modules.Michele Calgaro2018-05-287-95/+126
* DEB build scripts: added support for GPG sign key.Michele Calgaro2018-05-282-22/+27
* DEB build scripts: fixed version numbering scheme. Added check to makeMichele Calgaro2018-05-285-13/+73
* DEB build script: added "create_repo" script. Prevent scripts from beingMichele Calgaro2018-05-283-4/+71
* DEB build script: user is now required to copy the build scripts to aMichele Calgaro2018-05-283-28/+43
* DEB build script: first commit, still work in progress althoughMichele Calgaro2018-05-2831-0/+1703