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authorMichele Calgaro <>2020-11-16 10:01:56 +0000
committerTDE Weblate <>2020-11-17 10:59:44 +0000
commitc11aa202740e7e907a8ae5ab9700b1e287782f12 (patch)
parent1b40b29ad587699aaa8e0163aef3c91c849813be (diff)
Translated using Weblate (Italian)
Currently translated at 100.0% (2485 of 2485 strings) Translation: applications/amarok Translate-URL:
1 files changed, 57 insertions, 57 deletions
diff --git a/po/it/amarok.po b/po/it/amarok.po
index aee21f31..317540a5 100644
--- a/po/it/amarok.po
+++ b/po/it/amarok.po
@@ -8,7 +8,7 @@ msgid ""
msgstr ""
"Project-Id-Version: amarok\n"
"POT-Creation-Date: 2020-07-20 00:05+0200\n"
-"PO-Revision-Date: 2020-11-15 06:59+0000\n"
+"PO-Revision-Date: 2020-11-17 10:59+0000\n"
"Last-Translator: Michele Calgaro <>\n"
"Language-Team: Italian <"
@@ -3602,51 +3602,51 @@ msgstr "Codifica nessuna impostazione"
#: engine/helix/helix-errors.cpp:211
msgid "Encode No Output Types"
-msgstr "Encode No Output Types"
+msgstr "Codifica nessun tipo di output"
#: engine/helix/helix-errors.cpp:212
msgid "Encode Improper State"
-msgstr "Encode Improper State"
+msgstr "Codifica stato improprio"
#: engine/helix/helix-errors.cpp:213
msgid "Encode Invalid Server"
-msgstr "Encode Invalid Server"
+msgstr "Codifica server non valido"
#: engine/helix/helix-errors.cpp:214
msgid "Encode Invalid Temp Path"
-msgstr "Encode Invalid Temp Path"
+msgstr "Codifica percorso temporaneo non valido"
#: engine/helix/helix-errors.cpp:215
msgid "Encode Merge Fail"
-msgstr "Encode Merge Fail"
+msgstr "Codifica unione fallita"
#: engine/helix/helix-errors.cpp:216
msgid "Binary Data Not Found"
-msgstr "Binary Data Not Found"
+msgstr "Dati binari non trovati"
#: engine/helix/helix-errors.cpp:217
msgid "Binary End Of Data"
-msgstr "Binary End Of Data"
+msgstr "Fine dei dati binari"
#: engine/helix/helix-errors.cpp:218
msgid "Binary Data Purged"
-msgstr "Binary Data Purged"
+msgstr "Dati binari eliminati"
#: engine/helix/helix-errors.cpp:219
msgid "Binary Full"
-msgstr "Binary Full"
+msgstr "Dati binari pieni"
#: engine/helix/helix-errors.cpp:220
msgid "Binary Offset Past End"
-msgstr "Binary Offset Past End"
+msgstr "Offset binario oltre la fine"
#: engine/helix/helix-errors.cpp:221
msgid "Encode No Encoded Data"
-msgstr "Encode No Encoded Data"
+msgstr "Codifica nessun dato codificato"
#: engine/helix/helix-errors.cpp:222
msgid "Encode Invalid Dll"
-msgstr "Encode Invalid Dll"
+msgstr "Codifica DLL non valida"
#: engine/helix/helix-errors.cpp:223
msgid "Not Indexable"
@@ -3654,23 +3654,23 @@ msgstr "Non indicizzabile"
#: engine/helix/helix-errors.cpp:224
msgid "Encode No Browser"
-msgstr "Encode No Browser"
+msgstr "Codifica nessun browser"
#: engine/helix/helix-errors.cpp:225
msgid "Encode No File To Server"
-msgstr "Encode No File To Server"
+msgstr "Codifica nessun file sul server"
#: engine/helix/helix-errors.cpp:226
msgid "Encode Insufficient Disk Space"
-msgstr "Encode Insufficient Disk Space"
+msgstr "Codifica spazio su disco insufficiente"
#: engine/helix/helix-errors.cpp:227
msgid "Encode Sample Discarded"
-msgstr "Encode Sample Discarded"
+msgstr "Codifica campione scartato"
#: engine/helix/helix-errors.cpp:228
msgid "Encode Rv10 Frame Too Large"
-msgstr "Encode Rv10 Frame Too Large"
+msgstr "Codifica frame Rv10 troppo grande"
#: engine/helix/helix-errors.cpp:229
msgid "Not Handled"
@@ -3682,15 +3682,15 @@ msgstr "Fine flusso"
#: engine/helix/helix-errors.cpp:231
msgid "Jobfile Incomplete"
-msgstr "Jobfile Incomplete"
+msgstr "File lavoro incompleto"
#: engine/helix/helix-errors.cpp:232
msgid "Nothing To Serialize"
-msgstr "Nothing To Serialize"
+msgstr "Niente da serializzare"
#: engine/helix/helix-errors.cpp:233
msgid "Sizenotset"
-msgstr "Sizenotset"
+msgstr "Dimensioni non impostate"
#: engine/helix/helix-errors.cpp:234
msgid "Already Committed"
@@ -3698,7 +3698,7 @@ msgstr "Già inviato"
#: engine/helix/helix-errors.cpp:235
msgid "Buffers Outstanding"
-msgstr "Buffers Outstanding"
+msgstr "Buffer ancora da gestire"
#: engine/helix/helix-errors.cpp:236
msgid "Not Committed"
@@ -3706,7 +3706,7 @@ msgstr "Non inviato"
#: engine/helix/helix-errors.cpp:237
msgid "Sample Time Not Set"
-msgstr "Sample Time Not Set"
+msgstr "Tempo di campionamento non impostato"
#: engine/helix/helix-errors.cpp:238
msgid "Timeout"
@@ -3714,111 +3714,111 @@ msgstr "Tempo scaduto"
#: engine/helix/helix-errors.cpp:239
msgid "Wrongstate"
-msgstr "Wrongstate"
+msgstr "Stato sbagliato"
#: engine/helix/helix-errors.cpp:240
msgid "Remote Usage Error"
-msgstr "Remote Usage Error"
+msgstr "Errore di utilizzo remoto"
#: engine/helix/helix-errors.cpp:241
msgid "Remote Invalid Endtime"
-msgstr "Remote Invalid Endtime"
+msgstr "Tempo remoto di fine non valida"
#: engine/helix/helix-errors.cpp:242
msgid "Remote Missing Input File"
-msgstr "Remote Missing Input File"
+msgstr "File di input remoto mancante"
#: engine/helix/helix-errors.cpp:243
msgid "Remote Missing Output File"
-msgstr "Remote Missing Output File"
+msgstr "File di output remoto mancante"
#: engine/helix/helix-errors.cpp:244
msgid "Remote Input Equals Output File"
-msgstr "Remote Input Equals Output File"
+msgstr "Il file di input remoto è uguale al file di output"
#: engine/helix/helix-errors.cpp:245
msgid "Remote Unsupported Audio Version"
-msgstr "Remote Unsupported Audio Version"
+msgstr "Versione audio remota non supportata"
#: engine/helix/helix-errors.cpp:246
msgid "Remote Different Audio"
-msgstr "Remote Different Audio"
+msgstr "Audio remoto diverso"
#: engine/helix/helix-errors.cpp:247
msgid "Remote Different Video"
-msgstr "Remote Different Video"
+msgstr "Video remoto diverso"
#: engine/helix/helix-errors.cpp:248
msgid "Remote Paste Missing Stream"
-msgstr "Remote Paste Missing Stream"
+msgstr "Flusso di copia remoto mancante"
#: engine/helix/helix-errors.cpp:249
msgid "Remote End Of Stream"
-msgstr "Remote End Of Stream"
+msgstr "Fine del flusso remoto"
#: engine/helix/helix-errors.cpp:250
msgid "Remote Image Map Parse Error"
-msgstr "Remote Image Map Parse Error"
+msgstr "Errore di analisi mappa immagine remota"
#: engine/helix/helix-errors.cpp:251
msgid "Remote Invalid Imagemap File"
-msgstr "Remote Invalid Imagemap File"
+msgstr "File mappa immagine remoto non valido"
#: engine/helix/helix-errors.cpp:252
msgid "Remote Event Parse Error"
-msgstr "Remote Event Parse Error"
+msgstr "Errore di analisi degli eventi remoti"
#: engine/helix/helix-errors.cpp:253
msgid "Remote Invalid Event File"
-msgstr "Remote Invalid Event File"
+msgstr "File evento remoto non valido"
#: engine/helix/helix-errors.cpp:254
msgid "Remote Invalid Output File"
-msgstr "Remote Invalid Output File"
+msgstr "File di output remoto non valido"
#: engine/helix/helix-errors.cpp:255
msgid "Remote Invalid Duration"
-msgstr "Remote Invalid Duration"
+msgstr "Durata remota non valida"
#: engine/helix/helix-errors.cpp:256
msgid "Remote No Dump Files"
-msgstr "Remote No Dump Files"
+msgstr "Nessun file di dump remoto"
#: engine/helix/helix-errors.cpp:257
msgid "Remote No Event Dump File"
-msgstr "Remote No Event Dump File"
+msgstr "File di dump di nessun evento remoto"
#: engine/helix/helix-errors.cpp:258
msgid "Remote No Imap Dump File"
-msgstr "Remote No Imap Dump File"
+msgstr "File di dump No Imap remoto"
#: engine/helix/helix-errors.cpp:259
msgid "Remote No Data"
-msgstr "Remote No Data"
+msgstr "Nessun dato remoto"
#: engine/helix/helix-errors.cpp:260
msgid "Remote Empty Stream"
-msgstr "Remote Empty Stream"
+msgstr "Flusso remoto vuoto"
#: engine/helix/helix-errors.cpp:261
msgid "Remote Read Only File"
-msgstr "Remote Read Only File"
+msgstr "File di sola lettura remota"
#: engine/helix/helix-errors.cpp:262
msgid "Remote Paste Missing Audio Stream"
-msgstr "Remote Paste Missing Audio Stream"
+msgstr "Flusso di copia audio remoto mancante"
#: engine/helix/helix-errors.cpp:263
msgid "Remote Paste Missing Video Stream"
-msgstr "Remote Paste Missing Video Stream"
+msgstr "Flusso di copia video remoto mancante"
#: engine/helix/helix-errors.cpp:264
msgid "Remote Encrypted Content"
-msgstr "Remote Encrypted Content"
+msgstr "Contenuto remoto crittografato"
#: engine/helix/helix-errors.cpp:265
msgid "Property Not Found"
-msgstr "Property Not Found"
+msgstr "Proprietà non trovata"
#: engine/helix/helix-errors.cpp:266
msgid "Property Not Composite"
@@ -3826,11 +3826,11 @@ msgstr "Property Not Composite"
#: engine/helix/helix-errors.cpp:267
msgid "Property Duplicate"
-msgstr "Property Duplicate"
+msgstr "Proprietà duplicata"
#: engine/helix/helix-errors.cpp:268
msgid "Property Type Mismatch"
-msgstr "Property Type Mismatch"
+msgstr "Tipo di proprietà non corrispondente"
#: engine/helix/helix-errors.cpp:269
msgid "Property Active"
@@ -3838,23 +3838,23 @@ msgstr "Property Active"
#: engine/helix/helix-errors.cpp:270
msgid "Property Inactive"
-msgstr "Property Inactive"
+msgstr "Proprietà inattiva"
#: engine/helix/helix-errors.cpp:271
msgid "Property Value Underflow"
-msgstr "Property Value Underflow"
+msgstr "Valore proprietà troppo piccolo"
#: engine/helix/helix-errors.cpp:272
msgid "Property Value Overflow"
-msgstr "Property Value Overflow"
+msgstr "Valore proprietà troppo grande"
#: engine/helix/helix-errors.cpp:273
msgid "Property Value less than Lower bound"
-msgstr "Property Value less than Lower bound"
+msgstr "Valore della proprietà inferiore al limite inferiore"
#: engine/helix/helix-errors.cpp:274
msgid "Property Value greater than Upper bound"
-msgstr "Property Value greater than Upper bound"
+msgstr "Valore proprietà maggiore del limite superiore"
#: engine/helix/helix-errors.cpp:275
msgid "Property Delete Pending"