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Initial code import from debian snapshot Signed-off-by: Michele Calgaro <>
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+ Mute button for KPart
+ Play DVD entry for KDE 3.5 + media:/ when DVD inserted
+ DVD-Menu-Toggle is no longer a KToggleAction because I can't detect when DVD menus change, but it still acts as a toggle button
+ Made record work for systems other than mine! (hard-coded path)
+ Made record shortcut CTRL-R so it doesn't conflict with the DVD-Root-Menu toggle
+ videoWindow doesn't judder when toolbar appears in fullscreen anymore
+ dvd-toolbar is gone, instead root menu button appears when dvd is playing
+ toolbar in fullscreen mode shows on mouse move
+ toolbar in fullscreen mode respects user-positioning
+ media kioslave support
+ double-clicking the video toggles fullscreen
+ don't show part in K-Menu
+ a volume toolbar button, - available from the configure-toolbar dialog, it's not very good yet
+ Seek fixes
+ Improved error messages
+ KPart crash on exit fix
+ Frame capture function
+ Aspect Ratio setting
+ Snap for videoSettings dialog sliders
+ Polish to all dialogs, menus
+ Hide cursor in fullscreen mode bug fixed
+ Many other fixes and lots of polish
+ Made Codeine single-window
+ Removed Pause KAction, instead toggling play pauses
+ Made it remember all details about how you like to view videos (eg.
+ contrast, brightness, size)
+ Shows toolbar when mouse is a screen-top in fullscreen mode
+ Bug fixes
+ Fixed fullscreen not covering Kicker
+ Added stop KAction
+ Added "You must install!" message after make does linking
+ Set busy cursor during unresponsive init period
+ Made the GUI detect lack of a ui file and show a useful message
+ If you quit during playback, the track volume fades out
+ Various feel/feedback fixes
+ Recent-files list in initial definately doesn't have duplicates anymore, sort order is also corrected
+ Routed out some nasty freeze bugs
+ Automatic frame format change handling
+ Stream recording
+ Many little bug-fixes and improvements
+ Initial release