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+ Volume state saving
+ Improve error messages and error handling
+ Consolidate error handling code in part and application so we don't diverge
+ No audio icon in analyzer when no audio
+ Playback finished message (amaroK statusbar code?)
+ Mouse move to show toolbar in fullscreen mode
+ People are likely to use "F" keyboard shortcut or escape after film ends in fullscreen mode
+ but the popup of the menu prevents this, as for some reason Qt stops handling keyboard
+ shortcuts. We need a solution. The escape issue makes the popup menu less useful. So
+ escape with the menu should exit fullscreen too. All shortcuts in the menu should work.
+ Shortcuts not in the menu shouldn't work as this is a modal menu! Could be dangerous.
+ Consider adding quit to the fullscreen context menu always, or make the menubar show with
+ toolbar when mouse moves.
+ Add tooltips to PlayMedia dialog for recent file listview entries (directory info etc.)
+ Show zoom percentage in statusbar/OSD when resizing window, snap to 100%?
+ More feedback at playback end
+ Better loading/buffering status/feedback
+ Save prettyTitle with url and show that in recent file list,
+ - save m3u's? <-- needs thought
+ - mark remote files?
+ Support .srt files like Kaffeine/xine-ui does, ask berkus if stuck.
+ DVD fullscreen, DVD menu shows or something
+ Volume button (not there by default)
+ Two entries in Konqueror: 1. open in new window 2. open in current window
+ Play from begin scroll up popup when resuming playback
+ Much better DVD support
+ Show length information in normal window
+ 'o' in fullscreen mode shows OSD of length and elapsed time info, <-- emulate mplayer
+ xine config dialog is modal
+ none, at least yet, it is far easier to maintain modal dialogs \ No newline at end of file