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committergregory guy <>2020-02-12 14:02:24 +0100
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Drop automake build support.
Add basic cmake build instructions. Delete empty file NEWS, TODO and ChangeLog. Delete empty folder "templates". Add detection for the XTest library. Move the kvkbd.desktop file into XDG_APPS_INSTALL_DIR directory, see TDE/tde#26 . Some cosmetics. Signed-off-by: gregory guy <>
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@@ -41,15 +41,15 @@ tde_setup_paths( )
##### optional stuff
-option( WITH_ALL_OPTIONS "Enable all optional support" OFF )
+option( WITH_ALL_OPTIONS "Enable all optional support" OFF )
option( WITH_GCC_VISIBILITY "Enable fvisibility and fvisibility-inlines-hidden" ${WITH_ALL_OPTIONS} )
##### user requested modules
-option( BUILD_ALL "Build all" ON )
-option( BUILD_DOC "Build documentation" ${BUILD_ALL} )
-option( BUILD_TRANSLATIONS "Build translations" ${BUILD_ALL} )
+option( BUILD_ALL "Build all" OFF )
+option( BUILD_DOC "Build documentation" ${BUILD_ALL} )
+option( BUILD_TRANSLATIONS "Build translations" ${BUILD_ALL} )
##### configure checks