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* Link most Trinity DSOs against the most common kdelibs libraries to compensat...v3.5.13tpearson2011-10-101-1/+1
* Fix a number of strings in Trinity that were incorrectly converted to TQ* fro...tpearson2011-09-181-1/+1
* Convert remaining references to kde3 (e.g. in paths) to trinitytpearson2011-08-211-20/+20
* rename the following methods:tpearson2011-08-1010-14/+14
* Remove the tq in front of these incorrectly TQt4-converted methods/data members:tpearson2011-07-091-1/+1
* TQt4 port kvkbdtpearson2011-07-0111-216/+222
* Fixed imagestpearson2010-03-244-0/+0
* Added KDE3 version of kvkbdtpearson2010-02-2446-0/+16968