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authordscho <dscho>2001-10-03 02:11:59 +0000
committerdscho <dscho>2001-10-03 02:11:59 +0000
commit05c8f2d4840e8e4d0166b176b8c88bfdfffcce91 (patch)
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upgraded to TridiaVNC 1.2.1
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1 files changed, 4 insertions, 1 deletions
diff --git a/rfb.h b/rfb.h
index efb69d2..e67e683 100644
--- a/rfb.h
+++ b/rfb.h
@@ -221,6 +221,7 @@ typedef struct
int rfbListenSock;
int udpPort;
int udpSock;
+ struct rfbClientRec* udpClient;
Bool udpSockConnected;
struct sockaddr_in udpRemoteAddr;
Bool inetdInitDone;
@@ -517,6 +518,8 @@ extern void rfbCloseClient(rfbClientPtr cl);
extern int ReadExact(rfbClientPtr cl, char *buf, int len);
extern int WriteExact(rfbClientPtr cl, char *buf, int len);
extern void rfbCheckFds(rfbScreenInfoPtr rfbScreen,long usec);
+extern int rfbConnect(rfbScreenInfoPtr rfbScreen, char* host, int port);
+extern int ConnectToTcpAddr(char* host, int port);
extern int ListenOnTCPPort(int port);
extern int ListenOnUDPPort(int port);
@@ -536,7 +539,7 @@ extern void rfbReleaseClientIterator(rfbClientIteratorPtr iterator);
extern void rfbNewClientConnection(rfbScreenInfoPtr rfbScreen,int sock);
extern rfbClientPtr rfbNewClient(rfbScreenInfoPtr rfbScreen,int sock);
-extern rfbClientPtr rfbReverseConnection(char *host, int port);
+extern rfbClientPtr rfbReverseConnection(rfbScreenInfoPtr rfbScreen,char *host, int port);
extern void rfbClientConnectionGone(rfbClientPtr cl);
extern void rfbProcessClientMessage(rfbClientPtr cl);
extern void rfbClientConnFailed(rfbClientPtr cl, char *reason);