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+ <head>
+ <title>LibVNCServer</title>
+ </head>
+ <body>
+ <h1>LibVNCServer</h1>
+ <h2> News </h2>
+ <strong>2003/02/09</strong> Version 0.5 is out! Features include autoconf based configure, rpm package (YMMV), cleanup of directory structure, NEW x11vnc! ZRLE encoding! HTTP tunnelling through LibVNCServer's HTTP support! Many bug fixes!
+ <strong>2002/07/28</strong> Version 0.4 is out! Biggest feature: NewFB encoding. Quite a few bugfixes also (Thanks to all!).
+ <strong>2001/12/14</strong> A new version of
+ <a href=>rdesktop+vnc</a> is available!
+ (Includes support for other platforms keyboard mapping with plain rdesktop!)
+ <strong>2001/10/23</strong> Added a link to my homepage at the end.
+ <strong>2001/10/18</strong> I released the rdp2vnc extensions as well as
+ patches for general keyboard handling, working inside Xvnc and
+ process_text2 (the famous "font:" error) to rdesktop. Please find it on
+ the <a href=>
+ download page</a>.
+ <strong>2001/10/13</strong> A snapshot of
+ <a href=>
+ LibVNCServer</a> and
+ <a href=>
+ RDP2VNC</a>
+ is now available. You can also download the
+ <a href=>
+ diff</a> against rdesktop-1.1.0.
+ rdp2vnc also contains the patches for keyboards other than PC keyboards,
+ and you can specify "-k fr" again.
+ <h2> Introduction </h2>
+ If you don't know VNC, have a look at
+ <a href=>the original VNC</a> or at
+ <a href=>Tridia VNC</a>, who also have commercial
+ support for it.
+ Now that you know what it is, maybe you want to make your own server.
+ If this is not the case, you can ignore the rest of this page an go on
+ surfing the internet.
+ Now that you want to make a VNC server, that is, a server which speaks
+ the RFB protocol, you can download this library from
+ <a href=>sourceforge</a>.
+ The simplest server looks like this:<br><br>
+#include "rfb.h"
+int main(int argc,char** argv)
+ rfbScreenInfoPtr server=rfbGetScreen(&argc,argv,400,300,8,3,4);
+ server->frameBuffer=malloc(400*300*4);
+ rfbInitServer(server);
+ rfbRunEventLoop(server,-1,FALSE);
+ return(0);
+ This sample creates a 400x300 frame buffer in true colour. There are
+ 4 bytes per pixel, because 3 (which are only used instead of all 4) is
+ such an odd number. Then the server is initialized and a blocking event
+ loop is started.
+ Of course, this program only shows rubbish (whatever is in the frame
+ buffer you malloc'd), but it proves that writing a server can be
+ very easy.
+ For details (especially if you want to write a real server) look into the
+ provided examples, pnmshow.c and example.c, and into the README. You find
+ there documentation for much more complicated servers.
+ Serious comments, suggestions, pizzas, etc. go to
+ <a>me</a>
+ (delete the RuBBISH).
+ Here are some links:
+ LibVNCServer is an adapted
+ <a href=>OSXvnc-server</a> by
+ <a>Dan McGuirk</a>,
+ which is in turn an adapted original
+ <a href=>Xvnc</a>.
+ I use it to to drive a
+<strong>Windows Terminal Server (RDP) to RFB converter</strong> with it.
+ Much work has been done to make
+ <a href=>rdesktop</a>
+ a good X client to Windows Terminal Services (both NT and 2000, see
+ <a href=>rdesktop patches</a>).
+ Previous work was done by <a>Tim Edmonds</a>
+ who has set up such a converter named
+ <a href=>vdesktop</a>
+ including a single client server and a multi client server, rdp2vnc.
+ Unfortunately he used the example code from rfbcounter, which can encode only
+ RRE, which is not a good compression.
+ If you want to know about other of my projects, look at
+ <a href=>my homepage</a>.
+ <hr>
+ Project hosted on the fantastic
+ <A href="">
+ <IMG src=""
+ width="88" height="31" border="0" alt="SourceForge Logo"></A><br>
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