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<h2> News </h2>
+ <strong>2003/02/19</strong> A preliminary patch for rdesktop (CVS) to make
+rdp2vnc, a translator from Windows Terminal Server's protocol to VNC's protocol,
+is <a href=rdesktop-cvs+vnc.diff.gz>available</a>. It needs a new version of
+libvncserver; try CVS until I release 0.6.
<strong>2003/02/09</strong> Version 0.5 is out! Features include autoconf based configure, rpm package (YMMV), cleanup of directory structure, NEW x11vnc! ZRLE encoding! HTTP tunnelling through LibVNCServer's HTTP support! Many bug fixes!
<strong>2002/07/28</strong> Version 0.4 is out! Biggest feature: NewFB encoding. Quite a few bugfixes also (Thanks to all!).