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+ when closing a client and no longer listening for new ones, don't crash
+ fixed a bug with ClientConnectionGone
+ endianness is checked at configure time
+ fixed a bug that prevented the first client from being closed
+ fixed that annoying "libvncserver-config --link" bug
+ make rfbReverseByte public (for rdp2vnc)
+ fixed compilation on OS X, IRIX, Solaris
+ install target for headers is now ${prefix}/include/rfb ("#include <rfb/rfb.h>")
+ renamed "sraRegion.h" to "rfbregion.h"
+ CARD{8,16,32} are more standard uint{8,16,32}_t now
fixed LinuxVNC colour handling
fixed a bug with pthreads where the connection was not closed
moved vncterm to main package (LinuxVNC included)