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* move the library into libvncserver/, x11vnc into x11vnc/dscho2004-05-251-579/+0
* x11vnc: -gone, -passwdfile, -o logfile; add view-only to -acceptrunge2004-05-221-1/+1
* socklen_t -> size_tdscho2003-08-181-2/+2
* handle EINTR after select()dscho2003-08-081-1/+2
* rfbErr introduceddscho2003-08-061-10/+10
* API change: Bool, KeySym, Pixel get prefix "rfb"; constants in rfbconfig.h ge...dscho2003-07-301-15/+15
* long standing bug in http; was sending .jar twicedscho2003-07-111-0/+2
* converted CARD{8,16,32} to uint{8,16,32}_t and included support for stdint.hdscho2003-02-091-7/+18
* compiler warnings, contrib directory, new x11vnc from Karl Rungedscho2002-12-061-2/+2
* updated to vnc-3.3.4 (ZRLE encoding)dscho2002-10-221-22/+17
* socket via proxy gets options set, compiler warning fixesdscho2002-08-311-2/+2
* compiler warnings and format vulnerabilities fixeddscho2002-08-311-1/+1
* IRIX changesdscho2002-08-271-3/+3
* a pseudo HTTP request for tunnelling (also via strict Web Proxy) was added.dscho2002-08-221-3/+36
* synchronized with tightVNC 1.2.5dscho2002-08-221-9/+124
* unwarn compilationdscho2002-08-191-2/+2
* NewFB encoding addeddscho2002-07-281-0/+2
* Tim's Changesdscho2002-05-021-2/+2
* sync with TightVNC 1.2.3dscho2002-04-231-49/+77
* changes from Tim Jansen: threading issues, new client can be rejected, and moredscho2002-02-181-3/+3
* replaced xalloc with malloc functions, udp input support (untested), fixed httpdscho2001-10-111-3/+3
* WIN32 compatibility, removed kbdptr.cdscho2001-10-061-13/+22
* API correctionsdscho2001-09-261-4/+2
* cleaned up warnings, cursor changesdscho2001-09-231-1/+3
* http added, prepare for cursordscho2001-09-211-0/+383