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* compiler warnings, contrib directory, new x11vnc from Karl Rungedscho2002-12-061-583/+0
* patch for IRIXdscho2002-08-311-1/+1
* compiler warnings and format vulnerabilities fixeddscho2002-08-311-2/+7
* x11vnc memleaks patcheddscho2002-04-251-1/+12
* KBDDEBUGdscho2002-04-231-3/+31
* clean ups and encoding "backchannel"dscho2002-01-161-2/+13
* view mode now toggleabledscho2002-01-141-5/+54
* shared mode addeddscho2001-12-211-5/+17
* tile modus now near perfect (shm's better though)dscho2001-12-091-54/+72
* start to probe single pixels for updatesdscho2001-12-081-8/+55
* fixed dumb XTestFakeInput bugdscho2001-11-271-7/+7
* removed XTestGrabControl. Doesn't really solve the problem of a bad param.dscho2001-11-271-1/+1
* few changesdscho2001-11-271-30/+57
* input works on other X11 servers than XFree86dscho2001-11-271-1/+4
* no crash when display was wrongdscho2001-11-261-0/+5
* init keyboard now takes correct displaydscho2001-11-251-2/+1
* keyboard handling now works.dscho2001-11-231-6/+92
* added cmd line parametersdscho2001-11-221-0/+7
* shm works againdscho2001-11-201-1/+1
* missing include for XTestdscho2001-11-201-0/+1
* x11vnc now works with colour mapsdscho2001-11-191-5/+8
* tmpdscho2001-11-191-4/+3
* first support for colourmapsdscho2001-11-191-6/+23
* works, but loads highdscho2001-11-191-38/+125
* x11vnc now works view only and with SHMdscho2001-11-191-23/+56
* start x11vnc, an x0rfbserver clonedscho2001-11-181-0/+135