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Updated translation strings after commit tdepim #c349db5 to avoid fuzzy strings.
Signed-off-by: Chris <>
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--- a/tde-i18n-cs/messages/tdepim/korganizer.po
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@@ -1492,14 +1492,13 @@ msgid "Calendar"
msgstr "Kalendář"
#: koattendeeeditor.cpp:73
-#, fuzzy
msgid ""
"Sets the identity corresponding to the organizer of this to-do or event. "
"Identities can be set in the 'Personal' section of the KOrganizer "
"configuration, or in the 'Security & Privacy'->'Password & User Account' "
"section of the Trinity Control Center. In addition, identities are gathered "
"from your KMail settings and from your address book. If you choose to set it "
-"globally for KDE in the Control Center, be sure to check 'Use email settings "
+"globally for TDE in the Control Center, be sure to check 'Use email settings "
"from Control Center' in the 'Personal' section of the KOrganizer "
msgstr ""