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Update Debian and Ubuntu packaging with the latest renaming in GIT
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Conflicts: tdebase-libs (<< 4:3.0.0)
Replaces: tdebase (<< 4:3.0.0), tdebase-doc (<< 4:3.0.0), tdebase-libs (<< 4:3.0.0), konqueror (<< 4:3.0.0), tdebase-bin (<< 4:3.5.5a.dfsg.1-1ubuntu18)
Description: core I/O slaves for KDE
- This package includes the base kioslaves. They include, amongst many
+ This package includes the base tdeioslaves. They include, amongst many
others, file, http, ftp, smtp, pop and imap.
- It also includes the media kioslave, which handles removable devices,
+ It also includes the media tdeioslave, which handles removable devices,
and which works best with hal (and therefore udev) and pmount. Media
- also extends the functionality of many other kioslaves. To use this
+ also extends the functionality of many other tdeioslaves. To use this
service, please make sure that your user is a member of the plugdev