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+.\" Created by Ricardo Cárdenes Medina <>
+.\" for the Debian 'sip-tqt' package
+.TH SIP-TQT 1 "2010/02/02"
+sip-tqt \- generates C++/Python bindings
+.B sip-tqt
+[\fI-h\fR] [\fI-V\fR] [\fI-a file\fR] [\fI-c dir\fR] [\fI-d file\fR] [\fI-e\fR] [\fI-g\fR] [\fI-I dir\fR] [\fI-j #\fR] [\fI-k\fR] [\fI-m file\fR] [\fI-o\fR] [\fI-p module\fR] [\fI-P\fR] [\fI-r\fR] [\fI-s suffix\fR] [\fI-t tag\fR] [\fI-w\fR] [\fI-x feature\fR] [\fI-z file\fR] [\fIfile\fR]
+.B sip-tqt
+takes a set of specification files and generates C++ code, documentation and build files.
+The format of the needed specification file is similar to a C++ header.
+sip-tqt includes run-time support for the generated code.
+.B \-h
+Show summary of options.
+.B \-V
+Display the sip-tqt version number
+.B \-a file
+The name of the QScintilla API file. If not indicated, it will not
+be generated.
+.B \-b file
+The name of the build file. If not indicated, it will not be generated.
+.B \-c dir
+The name of the directory where generated source file will be put.
+If not indicated, no code will be generated.
+.B -d file
+The name of the documentation file. If not indicated, no documentation will be generated.
+.B -e
+Enable support for exceptions. Disabled by default.
+.B -g
+Always release and reaquire the GIL.
+.B -I dir
+Directory where sip-tqt can search for included files.
+.B -j number
+Splits the generated code in \fInumber\fR files (1 by default). This
+flag was added for parallel compilation on SMP machines.
+.B -m file
+The name of the XML export file. If not indicated, the file will not be generated.
+.B -p module
+Give the name of the consolidated module this module should be a part of.
+.B -P
+Enable the protected/public hack.
+.B -r
+Enable tracing on generated code.
+.B -s suffix
+The suffix used for generated C or C++ files (".c" or ".cpp" if none specified)
+.B -t tag
+The primary version to tag generate code for. You only can specify those
+defined with a %Timeline directive. If you don't specify one, sip-tqt
+will generate the latest available.
+.B -w
+Enable warning messages
+.B -x feature
+Disable a feature
+.B -z file
+The name of a file containing additional command line flags
+.B file
+The name of the file containing the specification. If you skip it,
+sip-tqt will expect to be fed by stdin.
+This manual page was written by Ricardo Javier Cardenes Medina <> and Torsten Marek <>,
+for the Debian GNU/Linux system (but may be used by others).