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Additional kde to tde renaming
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@@ -45,23 +45,23 @@ Here is an alphabetical list:
* kconf_update
Auto-Updater for config files.
-* kdecore
+* tdecore
This is the core collection of KDE stuff. Non GUI classes reside here.
* kded
The KDE daemon checks for newly installed software, update files
or hostname changes and takes according actions.
-* kdefx
+* tdefx
Library with pixmap effects.
-* kdeprint
+* tdeprint
The very versatile printing subsystem of KDE.
-* kdesu
+* tdesu
Library for password entering and handling
-* kdeui
+* tdeui
The main collection of misc. user interface classes (widgets).
KSpell and related classes are a frontend to ispell for use within a
GUI app.