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@@ -75,14 +75,14 @@ Differences with current dox: <TODO>
# autoconf and configure. Run it in the "top builddir" with one argument,
# the "top srcdir". Something like this:
-# cd /mnt/build/kdepim
-# sh /mnt/src/kdepim/doc/api/ /mnt/src/kdepim
+# cd /mnt/build/tdepim
+# sh /mnt/src/tdepim/doc/api/ /mnt/src/tdepim
# You can also build single subdirs (for instance, after updating some
# dox and you don't want to rebuild for the enitre module) by giving the
# subdirectory _relative to the top srcdir_ as a second argument:
-# sh /mnt/src/kdepim/doc/api/ /mnt/src/kdepim kpilot/lib
+# sh /mnt/src/tdepim/doc/api/ /mnt/src/tdepim kpilot/lib
# When generating dox for kdelibs, a tag file for Qt is also created.
# The location of Qt is specified indirectly through $QTDOCDIR or,