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authorMichele Calgaro <>2018-08-21 00:06:14 +0900
committerMichele Calgaro <>2018-08-21 00:06:14 +0900
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Improved description of "what's this" for placeholder in Find and
Replace dialog. This relates to bug 2558. Signed-off-by: Michele Calgaro <>
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diff --git a/tdeutils/kfinddialog.cpp b/tdeutils/kfinddialog.cpp
index 9937cd18..47a87661 100644
--- a/tdeutils/kfinddialog.cpp
+++ b/tdeutils/kfinddialog.cpp
@@ -254,10 +254,13 @@ void KFindDialog::init(bool forReplace, const TQStringList &findStrings, bool ha
TQWhatsThis::add ( m_replace, i18n(
"Enter a replacement string, or select a previous one from the list.") );
TQWhatsThis::add( m_backRef, i18n(
- "<qt>If enabled, any occurrence of <code><b>\\N</b></code>, where "
- "<code><b>N</b></code> is a integer number, will be replaced with "
+ "<qt>When regular expressions are enabled, you can select part of the searched text by "
+ "enclosing it within parenthesis. Placeholders allow you to insert such text in the "
+ "replacement string, similar to how backreferences are used in sed. When enabled, "
+ "any occurrence of <code><b>\\N</b></code> (where <code><b>N</b></code> "
+ "is a integer number, e.g. \\1, \\2, ...), will be replaced with "
"the corresponding capture (\"parenthesized substring\") from the "
- "pattern.<p>To include (a literal <code><b>\\N</b></code> in your "
+ "pattern.<p>To include a literal <code><b>\\N</b></code> in your "
"replacement, put an extra backslash in front of it, like "
"<code><b>\\\\N</b></code>.</qt>") );
TQWhatsThis::add ( m_backRefItem, i18n(