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+About KNotify
+Historic overview. From KDE-1 to KDE-2:
+KDE-1 ships with a notification system for window manager events - a sound
+could be played for example on startup or when a window closes. This was a
+very limited notification system.
+KNotify in contrast is a very flexible notification system. It can easily be
+accessed by any application, and notifications can have several
+presentations: Sound is still supported, but you can as well display a
+message box, write a text to a log file or log window.
+The notification presentation will be user configurable. Some people don't
+like message boxes popping up at unexpected times, so they prefer sounds
+instead. Deaf people on the otehr hand will not be happy about desktop
+1. Compile
+2. Start knotify
+3. Test it with knotifyclient.
+It might be useful to modify message presentation from time to time. For
+example, while the screen is locked, it is very likely that the user is not
+present. Thus, he will not be able to hear a "You have mail" sound (or to
+see a talk request). Re-routing this to a log window sounds like a very good