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<para>&kaddressbook; can use multiple resources for loading and storing
its contacts. After starting &kaddressbook; for the first time you will have
a default resource installed that saves all contacts in a vCard file
-under $HOME/.trinity/share/apps/kabc/std.vcf; you can add more resources
+under $HOME/.trinity/share/apps/tdeabc/std.vcf; you can add more resources
by using the Resource Configuration dialog, which is available in
<application>kcontrol</application> under
<guilabel>TDE Components</guilabel>-><guilabel>TDE Resources Configuration</guilabel>:</para>
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@@ -1402,7 +1402,7 @@ filename of the
vCard file (this will usually be a file that ends in <literal
role="extension">.vcf</literal>) to sync with, of if it uses the standard
&kde; address book file, it will be under the
-<filename class="directory">$TDEHOME/share/apps/kabc/</filename>
+<filename class="directory">$TDEHOME/share/apps/tdeabc/</filename>
folder, where the <filename class="directory">$TDEHOME</filename> environment
variable (typically <filename class="directory">/home/Login Name/.trinity/</filename>)
points to the folder that contains your configuration and data for the &kde;