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&kaddressbook; is the main address book application for &kde;; it
enables you to manage your contacts efficiently and comfortably.
-Since it is based on the kabc library it supports resources,
+Since it is based on the tdeabc library it supports resources,
which can be used to load and save your contacts to many different locations &mdash;
not just the local file system, but also to LDAP servers and SQL databases.
@@ -79,7 +79,7 @@ The user interface is similar to MS Outlook and it supports different views
for to represent the contact data differently;
it also provides an incremental search over all fields and a jump button
bar to quickly access single entries.
-Since the underlying kabc library uses the vCard format (specified in RFC
+Since the underlying tdeabc library uses the vCard format (specified in RFC
2426) as its default storage medium, &kaddressbook; mainly reflects the supported
entry fields in its graphical user interface.