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  Michael J. Manley d11d011e68 Cleaned README's 8 months ago
  Michael J. Manley 3ab9c89590 Fixed Dockerfile to add wget for downloading the dependencies for build script. 8 months ago
  Michael J. Manley 7272baee18 Deleted old versions, will now just tag a finalized repo build. Have everything except amarok built on 14.0.5, prep for 14.0.6 8 months ago
  Michael J. Manley 66f53ce6d2 Added Dockerfile to create a build environment for Trinity 8 months ago
  Michael Manley d8fabcd094 More fixed packages 1 year ago
  Michael Manley 328c69637d Final Packages 1 year ago
  Michael Manley d135599daf Generated new hashes, also added patch file and removed accidential inclusion of log files 1 year ago
  Michael Manley bcf3ceb3ff Added R14.0.5 PKGBUILDs 1 year ago
  Michael Manley 761e6b08c6 Created tde-meta 1 year ago
  Michael Manley 1e4358c1d3 Last minute fixes, completed rebuild for latest Arch builds 1 year ago
  Michael Manley 72ca4c147f Error on QtCurve 1 year ago
  Michael Manley 7545a8b924 Missed one 1 year ago
  Michael Manley 5e120f130d Fixed all remaning messed up packages 1 year ago
  Michael Manley 5baade631f Error on tde-tdenetworkmanager 1 year ago
  Michael Manley b0b8745b09 Finialized any last minute groups 1 year ago
  Michael Manley e777b32578 Fixed tdebase to compile on newer Arch systems, also changed some groups 1 year ago
  Michael Manley 1c1b349efe Fixed some build issues due to latest Arch updates 1 year ago
  Michael Manley 8bfb9c987d Moved core packages to tde-core 1 year ago
  Michael Manley 456b58d3eb Fixed an issue where these perticular packages would cause a reinstall when pacman -Syu was done 2 years ago
  Michael Manley 3e9c1ae382 Fixed #20: tdesdk compiles now. Fixed tdevelop to compile templates 2 years ago
  Michael Manley 1203e06baf Fixed some more PKGBUILD's. Mostly every package except a few are compiliable 2 years ago
  Michael Manley c5adc04582 Removed files not meant to be loaded into this repository! 2 years ago
  Michael Manley 820a42e566 Fixed TWin Build Issue 2 years ago
  Michael Manley 0c69636357 Readded Attic on my branch 2 years ago
  Michael Manley 5f833f320d Fixed OpenSSL 1.0 issues 2 years ago
  e1z0 26cbc11a0e more apps PKG ready 3 years ago
  e1z0 9a9a242cc7 more packages, fixes etc... 3 years ago
  e1z0 5c29cf119c cleanup 3 years ago
  e1z0 a6caa0050d readme update 3 years ago
  e1z0 39539d90ab Some cleanup, remove old files 3 years ago
  e1z0 d1f06c7c6d Maintenance update to fix small issues :-) 3 years ago
  Justinas d0e6ff9c06 fix to compile under archlinux-current x64 3 years ago
  Michael Manley 2aede610ba Merge branch 'master' of http://github.com/michael-manley/Trinity_ArchLinux_PKGBUILD 3 years ago
  Michael Manley 52cfc73dcb Update README.md 3 years ago
  Michael Manley c96d98fcbf Update README.md 3 years ago
  Michael Manley 92c8c4e87d Update README.md 3 years ago
  Michael Manley 755f08f192 Changed URL on R14.0.3's PKGBUILDs 3 years ago
  Michael Manley edddfa20bb Prepared R14.0.4 PKGBUILD's 3 years ago
  Michael Manley 10f449948c Finished initial Packages 3 years ago
  Michael Manley 71bf30ab2b Merge pull request #9 from mildred/master 3 years ago
  Shanti Bouchez-Mongardé c01e1fccf1 Add PKGBUILD template 3 years ago
  Shanti Bouchez-Mongardé 3a028626d1 Add tde-tdepowersave 3 years ago
  Michael Manley 1857d39076 Merge pull request #7 from Ybalrid/master 3 years ago
  Arthur Brainville 3b6103a419 Correct misstyped variable name 3 years ago
  Arthur Brainville d2a45b1f64 Correct PATH and PKG_CONFIG_PATH exports 3 years ago
  Michael Manley 2a88c839af Fixed a issue with tdepim where installing the package would be a conflict 3 years ago
  Michael Manley 06c888208b Merge pull request #4 from Ybalrid/master 3 years ago
  Michael Manley 027bb81936 More PKGFILES Added! Added a tracker of completed PKGBUILDs 3 years ago
  Michael Manley 01ceb9db32 Made tdeutils actually buildable, forgot -DBUILD_ALL=ON. Fixed xsession.patch to allow tdm to work properly 3 years ago
  Arthur Brainville e0c2173d4e Add missing dependency to libxss (see issue #1) 3 years ago