Trinity Desktop Environment Packaging - Arch Linux pkgbuild's
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PKGBUILD’s for building Trinity on Arch Linux

How to build Trinity with these Files

If you have trouble building one of these packages, please source the environment variables by issuing (from package directory):

. ../environment


source ../environment

The Build Script will automatically source this environment and is not needed to be ran beforehand

Building the Trinity Packages

All you need to do is run ./ after installing any dependencies. A Docker Script is included to create a temporary build environment for Trinity. It is recommended to use this Docker Environment as this is how the official trinity arch repo is compiled by. See the in DockerBuildEnvironment for details.

Unbuildable Packages

Here lists the unbuildable packages at the moment. Please help make these packages buildable and submit any pull requests to fix them. Each package has a Bug entry which includes the build log for reference.

  1. amarok - Needs dependencies and havent added them into build environment yet, wasnt yet included anyway