23 Commits (master)

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  Alexander Golubev 731f083510 Bulk move to EAPI=5 due to cmake-utils.eclass dropped EAPI=4 2 years ago
  Alexander Golubev 3b4de87bf7 Bump ebuilds to EAPI=5 due to cmake-utils.eclass dropped EAPI=3 support 3 years ago
  Alexander Golubev b28f05ee88 app-mobilephone/smssend: add ebuild removed from portage 3 years ago
  Alexander Golubev 0b65ba44ce Bulk update of metadata.xml according to gentoo rules 3 years ago
  Alexander Golubev 5b3db402c3 Convert overlay to use thin manifests 3 years ago
  Alexander Golubev 0572a9365f Update ebuild headers against recent gentoo repoman requirements 3 years ago
  Golubev Alexander 52314e2f84 keyword kde with ~ 6 years ago
  Golubev Alexander 6abcec6108 fixed KEYWORDS for live packages 6 years ago
  Golubev Alexander 21be5eb800 some fixes related to dev-qt/tqt 6 years ago
  Golubev Alexander 534b95e149 kdebase-derived ebuilds: bumped version; 6 years ago
  Golubev Alexander 20f16a7536 rename x11-libs/tqtinterface -> dev-qt/tqtinterface; 6 years ago
  layman e6c743c8fc x11-lib/qt renamed to dev-qt/qt 7 years ago
  Golubev Alexander 4805d95891 dev-libs/dbus-tqt: added a blocker 7 years ago
  Golubev Alexander 468d293243 Trivial package.mask and manifests fixes 7 years ago
  Golubev Alexander 3a804b2ee5 tqtinterface moved to x11-libs directory 7 years ago
  Golubev Alexander 192c1d7c58 changed dbus-tqt live version number 7 years ago
  Golubev Alexander eb83b91baf removed fake herd information from metadata.xml 7 years ago
  Golubev Alexander 6b45a6493d trinity-base/kdebase-meta- compules & installs 7 years ago
  Golubev Alexander a06cf2e649 added release ebuilds for tqtinterface, dbus-tqt and qt and applied some changes to the eclasses 7 years ago
  Golubev Alexander 0c0b50bb90 fix everything for trinity-base/tdelibs compilation 7 years ago
  Golubev Alexander 25e905c7fe add tqt3integration + final fixes to kdebase 8 years ago
  Golubev Alexander 8a34682d78 add some fixes to trinity-base.eclass; add documentation find & install system; ebuilds dependiang on trinity-base directly work now; also trinity-base documented; 8 years ago
  Golubev Alexander 4f81adeafa initial commit 8 years ago