Amarok – versatile and easy to use audio player
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.\" This file was generated by and edited manually by Modestas Vainius
.TH AMAROKCOLLECTIONSCANNER 1 "Feb 2008" "Amarok" "Collection Scanner for Amarok"
amarokcollectionscanner \- Collection Scanner for Amarok
amarokcollectionscanner [Qt\-options] [TDE\-options] Folder(s)
This Amarok helper utility scans folder(s) given on the command line or
restarts previous scan if \fB\-\-restart\fP option was given and writes a
specially structured XML file to standard output with extensive information
(including tags) about audio files it was able to find. XML file schema used
by this utility is Amarok specific.
You may find his utility useful if you need to retreive and/or display extended
information about collection of audio files.
.SS Arguments:
Folder(s) Folders to scan
.SS Options:
.B \-r, \-\-recursive
Scan folders recursively
.B \-i, \-\-incremental
Incremental Scan (modified folders only)
.B \-p, \-\-importplaylists
Import playlist
.B \-s, \-\-restart
Restart the scanner at last position, after a crash []
.SS Generic options:
.B \-\-help
Show help about options
.B \-\-help\-qt
Show Qt specific options
.B \-\-help\-tde
Show TDE specific options
.B \-\-help\-all
Show all options
.B \-\-author
Show author information
.B \-v, \-\-version
Show version information
.B \-\-license
Show license information
.B \-\-
End of options
Amarok Developers
This manual page was written by Modestas Vainius <> for Debian.