8 Commits (master)

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  Michele Calgaro 1a41c9e42a Fixed FTBFS with g++7 caused by #include directive placed inside namespace. 1 year ago
  Nikolaus Klepp 31a6127eec Fix FTBFS on freebsd 4 years ago
  Timothy Pearson d548013bdb Add ESD support to CMake 8 years ago
  tpearson deb7c8cc85 Rempve obsolete and broken autotools files from arts 8 years ago
  samelian 4388c9f844 [dependencies/arts] restyle and migrate to tde_ macrossoundserver/CMakeLists.txt 9 years ago
  samelian 36bb41f5be [dependencies/arts] added initial cmake support 9 years ago
  tpearson 81c61f4524 Updated obsolete GPL license addresses to current GPL address 10 years ago
  tpearson 42995d7bf3 Copy of aRts for Trinity modifications 10 years ago