aRts audio server
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  1. aRts-1.2.0:
  2. - added EsounD support
  3. - fixed autosuspend in conjunction with full duplex
  4. aRts-1.1.0:
  5. - added functions to StdSynthModule to find if/how many other modules are
  6. connected to the inputs and outputs of yourself
  7. aRts-1.0.0:
  8. - full duplex fixed
  9. aRts-0.7.0:
  10. - recording in the C API
  11. - new interface for video embedding (Arts::VideoPlayObject) via X11 embedding
  12. - threaded oss audio i/o (-a toss) which works better with some kernel drivers
  13. - irix audio i/o method (-a sgi)
  14. - ALSA-0.9.0 support
  15. - Preference=N lines in .mcopclass files make it possible to to choose one
  16. implementation over another if they both implement the same interface
  17. aRts-0.6.1:
  18. - new artsdsp -s (single threaded) option for compatibility to more programs
  19. (for instance netscape)
  20. - ALSA-0.9.0 support
  21. - bugfixes: artsdsp/artsc rpath fix, alsa crash without soundcard fixed, md5
  22. cookie loading, oss driver endianess issue, compile fixes
  23. aRts-0.6.0:
  24. - new interfaces (Arts::InputStream, Arts::StreamPlayObject) for decoding
  25. streams of data with PlayObjects (rather than just files)
  26. - new Arts::PitchablePlayObject for changing playing speed/pitch
  27. - support for streaming of data from tdeioslaves into PlayObjects
  28. - dynamic implementation of classes/attributes (Arts::DynamicSkeleton)
  29. (some of the items that are listed in aRts-0.6.0 have been done somewhere
  30. between 0.4 and 0.6 and only now found its way into this)
  31. aRts-0.5.4:
  32. - fix random segfaults on solaris
  33. aRts-0.5.3:
  34. - performance improvement for aRts midi instruments (bus code rewritten)
  35. - structures designed by artsbuilder can be used modules in structures again
  36. (and elsewhere), via generic Arts::Loader's
  37. aRts-0.5.2:
  38. - threading support (libmcop_mt)
  39. - glib-2.0 mainloop integration (libgmcop)
  40. - KArtsWidget makes it easy to use Arts::Widget implementations in conjunction
  41. with qt widgets (i.e. no extra window), this also removes the annoying extra
  42. window in artscontrol
  43. - generic gui factory used by noatun and artscontrol to create effect guis
  44. ================================================================================
  45. This file starts in the middle of nowhere, because it hasn't always been
  46. here. But please update this if you do bigger changes (fixing a spelling
  47. error in a comment probably doesn't count, doing one of the TODO items
  48. most certainly does).