Bibletime – a bible study tool
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  1. In this file:
  2. -------------
  3. * General introduction
  4. * Requirements
  5. * Documentation
  6. General introduction:
  7. --------------------
  8. This is BibleTime @VERSION@. BibleTime is a Bible study application based on KDE 3.3 or later.
  9. Please report any bugs your find to or use the links on our webpage at
  10. Please do not hesitate to send suggestions or criticism to
  11. Read the file INSTALL how to install and compile this version of BibleTime. There's also a SPEC file
  12. to create RPMs, it's called bibletime.spec.
  13. For a list of the contributors to BibleTime read the "About BibleTime" pages available in the
  14. "Help" menu of BibleTime.
  15. This README file contains some useful instructions and tips how to use BibleTime.
  16. Please read the handbook, too. It contains many instructions about the usage and
  17. installation of BibleTime.
  18. Requirements:
  19. -------------
  20. See file INSTALL for detailed installation instructions.
  21. Documentation:
  22. --------------
  23. You can find information about BibleTime, the installation and its usage in the following places:
  24. o
  25. o The BibleTime handbook available in the Help menu of the BibleTime application
  26. o There's a Bible study tutorial in the help menu
  27. May God, our Lord use BibleTime for his glory,
  28. The BibleTime developers,