Bibletime – a bible study tool
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bibletime_SOURCES = bibletime_init.cpp bibletime_slots.cpp bibletime.cpp \
bibletimeapp.cpp main.cpp bibletime_dcop.cpp bibletimeinterface.skel
bibletime_LDADD = \
./frontend/displaywindow/libdisplaywindow.a \
./frontend/display/libdisplay.a \
./frontend/keychooser/libkeychooser.a \
./frontend/mainindex/libmainindex.a \
./frontend/searchdialog/libsearchdialog.a \
./frontend/libfrontend.a \
./frontend/util/libfrontendutil.a \
./backend/libbackend.a \
./util/libutil.a \
-lXext \
$(LIB_QT) \
-lkdeprint \
$(LIB_X11) \
SUBDIRS = display-templates backend frontend xml pics util
all_headers = bibletime.h bibletimeapp.h
include_HEADERS = bibletimeinterface.h
EXTRA_DIST = $(bibletime_SOURCES) $(all_headers)
# this 10 paths are KDE specific. Use them:
# kde_htmldir Where your docs should go to. (contains lang subdirs)
# kde_appsdir Where your application file (.kdelnk) should go to.
# kde_icondir Where your icon should go to.
# kde_minidir Where your mini icon should go to.
# kde_datadir Where you install application data. (Use a subdir)
# kde_locale Where translation files should go to.(contains lang subdirs)
# kde_cgidir Where cgi-bin executables should go to.
# kde_confdir Where config files should go to.
# kde_mimedir Where mimetypes should go to.
# kde_toolbardir Where general toolbar icons should go to.
# kde_wallpaperdir Where general wallpapers should go to.
# set the include path for X, qt, KDE and Sword
INCLUDES = $(all_includes)
# claim, which subdirectories you want to install
# you can add here more. This one gets installed
bin_PROGRAMS = bibletime
# the library search path.
bibletime_LDFLAGS = $(BT_LDFLAGS) $(all_libraries) $(KDE_RPATH)
# them while "make clean", use CLEANFILES
# make messages.po. Move this one to ../po/ and "make merge" in po
# the -x is for skipping messages already translated in kdelibs
# $(XGETTEXT) -C -ki18n -x $(KDEDIR)/include/kde.pot `find . -name \*.h -o -name \*.cpp -o -name \*.cc` -o ../po/bibletime.pot
$(mkinstalldirs) $(DESTDIR)$(kde_confdir)
rpm: dist
noinst_HEADERS = bibletimeinterface.h