Bibletime – a bible study tool
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  1. # make messages.pot
  2. # the -x is for skipping messages already translated in tdelibs
  3. messages:
  4. echo Preparing documentation files handbook.pot and howto.pot...
  5. mkdir -p tmp/
  6. for XML_FILE in `cd ..; find docs -name "*.docbook"`; do\
  7. echo " creating temporary POT file tmp/$$XML_FILE.pot";\
  8. (cd tmp; mkdir -p `dirname $$XML_FILE.pot`; xml2pot ../../$$XML_FILE > $$XML_FILE.pot;)\
  9. done
  10. echo merging POT files...
  11. msgcat --force-po -o handbook.pot `find tmp/docs/handbook -name "*.pot"`
  12. msgcat --force-po -o howto.pot `find tmp/docs/howto/ -name "*.pot"`
  13. rm -r ./tmp/
  14. echo Finished creating handbook.pot and howto.pot.\n
  15. echo Preparing program messages file messages.pot...
  16. echo Before we start, run make to generate all the auto-generated .cpp and .h files
  17. (sleep 5; cd ..; make) #needed for .ui files
  18. echo Now extract the messages...
  19. perl ./extractrc ../bibletime/xml/*.rc > ../bibletime/rc-dummy.cpp
  20. perl ./preparetips ../docs/tips > ../bibletime/tips-dummy.cpp
  21. $(XGETTEXT) -C -F -L C++ -ki18n -kI18N_NOOP -x `tde-config --prefix`/include/tde/kde.pot `find .. -type f -not -name clanguagemgr.cpp -and -name \*.cpp -or -name \*.h -or -name \*.cc` -o messages.pot
  22. recode iso8859-1..utf-8 messages.pot
  23. cp ../bibletime/backend/clanguagemgr.cpp clanguagemgr.cpp
  24. $(XGETTEXT) --from-code=utf-8 --join-existing -C -F -L C++ -ki18n -kI18N_NOOP -x `tde-config --prefix`/include/tde/kde.pot clanguagemgr.cpp -o messages.pot
  25. rm clanguagemgr.cpp
  26. echo Finished creating messages.pot.