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D-BUS 0.62 (12 June 2006)
- Doc fixes
- Added support for all data-types for the dbus tools
- Fixed eavesdropping on method calls (dbus-monitor)
- Fixed silent dropping of method calls with interface=NULL
- Fixed console ownership problems in Solaris
- Fixed installation of dbus-signature.h and #include it in dbus/dbus.h
- Flush the user database cache on config reload
- GLib bindings:
- Fix memory leaks
- Fix properties in DBusGProxy so that they can be given in any
- Added lots of assertions to ensure correct use
- Remove duplicated code
- Fix static string pointer uses in GPtrArray-based collections
- Python bindings:
- Remove reference to sys/cdefs.h
- Qt4 bindings:
- Code reorganized
- Added the dbusidl2cpp, dbuscpp2xml and dbus tools
- Added example programs (ping-pong, complex ping-pong, listnames, chat)
- Updated selftests
- Fixed compilation and .moc- and .ui-file processing and cleaning
- Made central classes derive from QObject
- Enhance error reporting
- Many bugfixes
- Mono bindings:
- Minor bugfixes
D-BUS 0.61 (24 Febuary 2006)
- Documentation all around
- dbus-launch now produces correct sh and csh syntax
- Nested arrays now work correctly
- GLib bindings:
- Inheriting from DBusGProxy is now possible
- GPtrArrays can now be marshalled
- org.freedesktop.DBus.GLib.ClientCSymbol annotation added
- Openning connections to arbitrary addresses now supported
- Python bindings:
- sender_keyword and path_keyword keywords added to signal listener API
- Byte types now demarshal to unsigned char
- calling methods now do the correct thing
- Qt bindings:
- both Qt3 and Qt4 bindings can be built at the same time
- Use the standard org.freedesktop.DBus.Method.NoReply annotation
for the "async" calls instead of creating one for us.
- Mono bindings:
- 64bit arch fixes
- Massive bug fixing all around
D-BUS 0.60 (30 November 2005)
- major ABI/API changes - sonames changed
- RequestName queuing behavior has changed (refer to dbus-specification)
DBUS_NAME_FLAG_ALLOW_REPLACEMENT has been added to the flags
- Q_SIGNALS emitted by the bus now show up in the introspect data
- auth EXTERNAL now supported on BSD varients
- ReleaseName method added to the bus to allow a service
to remove itself as owner of a bus name
- dbus_connection_read_write added for getting messages off the bus
in the absence of a mainloop
- Qt4 bindings added and the Qt3 bindings have been depricated
- python bindings:
- marshal using introspect data if available
- better exception handling and propigation
- private connections are now supported
- UTF-8 cleanups
- out_signature added to method decorators for specifying
how the return values should be marshaled
- sender_keyword added to method decorators for specifying
and argument to provide the unique name of the method caller
- async_callbacks added to method decorators
- multiple inheritance of classes now supported
- GLib bindings:
- respect NoReply annotations
- dbus_g_method_return_get_reply and dbus_g_method_return_send_reply
added to the lowlevel code for use when the dbus-glib marshalling
code is not adiquate
- numerous bug fixes all around
D-BUS 0.50 (06 September 2005)
This is a minor release from 0.36.2. The series number has changed
not because of any technical reasons but as an indication that we
are moving closer to 1.0. It is hoped that this will be the last
series to see major changes, most of which will be isolated to the
GLib and Python bindings, as we transition to concentrate more on
bug busting and code auditing.
- D-Bus builds on the Cygwin platform
- Makefile cleanups
- Various bug fixes
- Optimization of the dbus object tree
- Memleaks and GIL crasher bugs have been fixed in the Python bindings
D-BUS 0.36.2 (29 August 2005)
- Security: Restrict other users from connecting to another users
session bus
D-BUS 0.36.1 (24 August 2005)
- Python Bindings:
- fixed to work with hal-device-manager
- For 64bit builds everything is installed to lib64/python2.4/
since Python can't handle multilib
D-BUS 0.36 (23 August 2005)
- Maximum sized of cached messages have been reduced to 10K
- Match rules now allow matching on arguments inside the message
- introspect.xsl XSLT style sheet added for formatting introspection
data into XHTML for analysis
- Python bindings:
- now have working type objects for explicit
- Variant type has been added
- Dictionaries, Variants and Arrays can all be passed the signiture or
type(s) of their children
- the optional timeout= keyword has been added when making method calls
- match on args has been implemented
- a .pth file has been added for dealing with libraries and python files
being in different directories such as in 64bit installs
- various bug fixes
- GLib bindings:
- deeply recursive types now supported
- many symbols are no longer exported as part of the public API
- various memleak and other bug fixes
D-BUS 0.35.2 (17 July 2005)
- Rename Unix Security Context to SELinux Security Context in API
- Fixed more dist errors that distcheck didn't pick up on
- Fixed various bugs in the python bindings that prevented them from working
D-BUS 0.35.1 (16 July 2005)
- Fixed dist error where python/dbus_bindings.pxd was being shipped
instead of
- Use this instead of the 0.35 tarball
D-BUS 0.35 (15 July 2005)
- --with-dbus-user added to the configure scripts for configuring the
user the system bus runs on
- --with-console-auth-dir added to configure scripts for configuring the
directory to look in for console user locks
- service files for auto-starting D-Bus services now has the ability to pass
in command line arguments to the executable
- Huge auto-start bug squashed which caused some services not to start when
requested in rapid succession
- SE-Linux security contexts can now be appended to messages for inspection
by services that enforce their own security policies
- Colin says the GLib binding are ready for general consumption
- New GLib tutorial
- New GLib example code
- Python bindings are now version (0,42,0)
- Python bindings API has changed on the service side
- dbus.service has been split out as a seperate module
- dbus.service.Service is renamed to dbus.service.BusName
- dbus.service.Object has swapped the bus_name and object_path constructor
parameters to make it easier to do inheritance over the bus
- dbus.glib has been seperated out in order to lessen the dependency on glib
and to allow other mainloops to be integrated with the bindings including
a planned generic mainloop for non-gui apps.
- Python bindings now aquire the GIL when calling back into the python
interpreter. Fixes crashes when using threading and other random segfaults.
- New Python tutorial
- Numerous D-Bus bug fixes all around
D-BUS 0.34 (15 June 2005)
- dbus_connection_disconnect is deprecated in favor of dbus_connection_close
- The bus can now use D_NOTIFY (if available) to check when configuration files
have changed and reload them
- New dbus_message_has_path/member/interface API added
- The Ping message from the org.freedesktop.DBus.Peer interface is now handled
- Complete glib bindings overhaul (and are still under construction)
- Tutorial now has an updated GLib section
- GLib bindings can now send/receive hash tables, arrays and other complex types
- Python bindings overhaul (most public facing API's done)
- Python bindings have been split up into separate files
- Python added new type classes for hinting to the marshaler what type
to send over the wire
- Python bindings now have decorators for specifying exported methods and Q_SIGNALS
- Numerous bug fixes
D-BUS 0.33 (25 Apr 2005)
- downgrade requirement from GTK+-2.6 to 2.4 for building gtk components
- python binding API's have been overhalled to be more "pythonic" and cleaner
- python bindings now export dbus.version which is set to (0,40,0)
- python bindings now implement the org.freedesktop.DBus.Introspectable interface
- python binding match rules are now more flexable
- make check has been fixed
- many, many major bug fixes
D-BUS 0.32 (29 Mar 2005)
- mono bindings now compiles correctly
- mono binding cleanups
- glib bindings generates wrappers for bus methods in dbus-glib-bindings.h
- glib binding cleanus
- users and groups can now be specified by UID and GID in config files
- numerous memory leak fixes
- various other fixes
D-BUS 0.31 (07 Mar 2005)
- land the new message args API and recursive type system
- add docs and fixed Doxygen warnings throught source
- split out some functions not needed in libdbus to *-util.c source files
- take out type convienience functions
- libdbus now back below 150K
- booleans are now 32-bit instead of 8-bit
- specification updated
- grand renaming to strip out the use of "service"
just say "name" instead (or "bus name" when ambiguous)
- rename dbus-daemon-1 to dbus-daemon throughout
- rename activation to auto-start
- auto-start on by default now
- note that libdbus is the low-level API
- python bindings updated to the new API
- mono bindings updated to the new API
- add 16 bit types
- dictionaries are now ARRAYS of DICT_ENTRY
- dbus-glib-tool renamed to dbus-binding-tool
- massive rewrite of the glib bindings
- saner names for the dbus interface, object path and service defines
- new functions for handling type signitures
- bump sonames for libdbus and libdbus-glib
- various small fixes
D-BUS 0.23 (11 Jan 2005)
- add setgroups() to drop supplementary groups
- updated SELinux support
- add an "at console" security policy
- fix a bug where org.freedesktop.DBus wasn't recognized as an existing
- error out if --enable-mono is explicitly set and mono libs can't be found
- set the max_match_rules_per_connection limit from the config file.
- removed dbus_bug_get_with_g_main since it's been replaced by
- fix fd leaks in socket code
- lots and lots of mono binding updates, including fixes to make it
compatible with Mono 1.1.3
- added --nofork option to override config file setting at runtime
- added support for int64 and uint64 to the python bindings
- lots of python binding updates
- config file DTD updates
- use SerivceOwnerChanges signal instead of ServiceCreated and
- fixes to the authentication code
- new init script for Slackware
- print out the pid even when --fork is passed
- increase preallocation sizes in DBusMessage to heavily reduce
- lots of performance enhancements
- lots more small bug fixes
D-BUS 0.22
- add --reply-timeout to dbus-send
- fix a memleak
- fix Solaris/Forte build
- switch to AFL 2.1 rather than 2.0 to address patent termination clause
- add SELinux support
- mostly repair libxml backend for config parser, still doesn't
pass out of memory tests
- fix distcheck to include language bindings
- add GetConnectionUnixUser method on bus driver
- also for UnixProcessID
- lots of Python, Mono, other binding fixes
- change GLib bindings to not include dbus/dbus.h (fully encapsulate libdbus)
- pass paths as strings, not arrays of string
- add message signature header field
- cleanups to marshaling code
- clean up authentication code
- reload conf files on SIGHUP
- fix circular conf file inclusion
- allow empty arrays
- tons of other small bugfixes
D-BUS 0.21
- implement "auto activation" flag on messages, so the destination
service can be launched automatically
- fix a bug in custom type marshaling
- optimize case where multiple apps activate the same service
(avoid "thundering herd")
- add dynamic service file discovery/reloading
- fix a busy loop when blocking for a reply
- fix a 64-bit crash involving varargs
- fix a bus crash when processing an AcquireService
- allow appending TYPE_BYTE via append_args_valist
- fix dicts-inside-dicts
- enhancements to Python and Qt bindings
D-BUS 0.20
This release lands some very large API changes and numerous bugfixes.
The list of changes is too large to fully document here; please refer
to the documentation, and message-bus-list archives.
D-BUS 0.13
This is probably the last release before landing the large API changes
on the "dbus-object-names" branch.
- fix system bus to always use filesystem socket; anyone
can create any abstract socket, which isn't secure
since if you can crash the system bus you'd be able
to replace it.
- add DTD for configuration file
- improve specification a bit
D-BUS 0.12
- fix "service messagebus status" on Red Hat
- fix demarshaling of DBUS_TYPE_NAMED
- fix "eval `dbus-launch --exit-with-session`" to exit properly
- fix build without --prefix
- useless fooling with Mono bindings
- useless fooling with gcj bindings
- fix srcdir != builddir
- fix various compiler warnings and other issues
- add get/set data to DBusMessage
- fix headers for C++
- OS X build fixes
- abstract domain sockets support (Linux only)
- add dbus-cleanup-sockets utility for people
not using linux
- be consistent about defaulting to --session/--system
with command line tools
- merge in policies from included config files
- fix build on non-x86
- docs updates
- lots of other bugfixes
D-BUS 0.11
- add --enable-docs to turn off/on the docbook stuff
(doesn't cover doxygen stuff yet)
- make people define DBUS_API_SUBJECT_TO_CHANGE
and read warning in README so they don't
expect the API to be frozen already
- rename .pc files to "dbus-1.pc" instead of
"dbus-1.0.pc" etc. - this will require changing
pkg-config invocations
- some docs cleanups
- add man pages for all executables
- allow send to/from bus driver in the default system.conf
- fix user lookup bug
- implement dbus-launch to launch the session message bus
- fix some thread deadlocks
- some performance profiling/optimization
- add dbus_bus_activate_service() function
- fix some minor bugs here and there
- install Red Hat initscript in the right place
D-BUS 0.10
- reversed order of args to dbus_message_new()
- renamed dbus_message_name_is() and some other
- change DBusWatch to have dbus_watch_handle()
similar to dbus_timeout_handle(), drop
connection/server-specific handle routines
- change message serials to be unsigned
- implemented <allow>/<deny>/<limit> features for
config file; system bus now has a deny-all policy
by default.
- system.conf has <includedir>system.d</includedir>
so packages can install additions to the default
policy to <allow> the messages they need. e.g.
CUPS might install a cups.conf - see
for an example.
- add timeouts for authentication, activation
- add glib-style "checks" on public API, enable
those by default, disable assertions by default
- add GMainContext argument to GLib setup functions,
can be NULL for default context. Needed for threads.
- add 64-bit integer type
- validate type of standard message header fields
- consider messages in the org.freedesktop.Local
namespace to be invalid (to avoid fake disconnect
messages for example)
- fix assorted memory leaks and other bugs in
the SHA-1 auth mechanism
- cache user database information (groups user is
in, etc.) helps a lot with NIS
- always store uid_t, pid_t, gid_t in "ulong"
rather than "int"
- implement config file settings for which
users can connect
- SHA-1 unit test
- dbus-send, dbus-monitor command line utilities
- fixed lots of misc crashes and other bugs
D-BUS 0.9
- implemented a test case for service activation,
and fixed many bugs exposed by that
- implemented recursive argument marshaling/demarshaling
for messages, allowing multidimensional arrays
- fixed up integration of message dispatch with
main loop by adding a callback on change of
dispatch status
- add a pidfile feature to daemon
- some build fixes
- clean up unix domain sockets on exit
- add --print-address and the ability
to create a random server address
in a temporary directory
D-BUS 0.8
- fix dumb bug in 0.7
D-BUS 0.7
- implement configuration file used to control bus characteristics
- implement daemon mode, changing user ID, and other system
bus features
- add init scripts for systemwide bus
- add "make check-coverage" target to check test coverage
- more test suite additions
- many, many bugfixes
- many API changes/fixes
D-BUS 0.6
- Vastly improved bus daemon test suite
- Lots of misc. bugfixes and memory leak fixes
- Support for marshalling key/value data
- Activation improvements.
D-BUS 0.5
- Specification updates
- port to OS X and other BSD variants
- port to Solaris
- Partial work on cookie-based authentication
- Thread safety fixes
- Lots of misc. bugfixes
- Support for more array types
- Add data Q_SLOTS to DBusServer
- DBusString security audit fixes
- Fix for systems (or valgrind) with unaligned malloc blocks
D-BUS 0.4
- Preliminary activation support.
- Better authentication test suite
- Bus test program
- Specification updates
- Thread safety
- Bug fixes
D-BUS 0.3
- Preliminary limitations
- Message sending works
- Bus client
- Array marshalling/demarshalling
- Services
- Better OOM handling in the bus
- In-proc debug transport
- Transport/server address support
D-BUS 0.2
- Include test code in the tarball.
D-BUS 0.1
- Initial release.