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Michele Calgaro 0fc69751bc
Replace Qt with TQt
2 months ago
Slávek Banko eaf82b5285
Use common rules for build and install documentation and translations.
3 years ago
Michele Calgaro de8163544d
Removed code formatting modelines.
4 years ago
Slávek Banko b90954e37e
Move translations to a new directory layout.
4 years ago
Slávek Banko 14ee555223
Use d3lphin as the name of the CMake project.
4 years ago
gregory guy e3e93c027f
Drop automake build support.
5 years ago
gregory guy 351ba2f534
resolves issue #2, add a man page
5 years ago
Slávek Banko 707a1272fc
cmake: Add rules to build documentation and translations.
5 years ago
Michele Calgaro 55d2c53352
qt -> tqt conversion:
6 years ago
Timothy Pearson 35ffdb4d74 Fix invalid headers in PNG files and optimize for size
8 years ago
Darrell Anderson cfa5880656 Fix references to user profile directory.
12 years ago
Darrell Anderson 882c9fa2eb Fix corrupt png files. This partially resolves bug report 833.
12 years ago
Darrell Anderson 8435723b34 Update docbook headers.
12 years ago
Darrell Anderson 07eece2b18 Fix KDE -> TDE branding.
12 years ago
Timothy Pearson 90326ffba4 Additional renaming of kde to tde
13 years ago
tpearson f48aef5ed7 Added old KDE3 version of dolphin
15 years ago