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//Author: Max Howell <>, (C) 2004
//Copyright: See COPYING file that comes with this distribution
#ifndef WIDGET_H
#define WIDGET_H
#include <kurl.h>
#include <qtimer.h>
#include "segmentTip.h"
template <class T> class Chain;
class Directory;
class File;
namespace KIO { class Job; }
class KURL;
namespace RadialMap
class Segment;
class Map : public KPixmap
void make( const Directory *, bool = false );
bool resize( const QRect& );
bool isNull() const { return ( m_signature == 0 ); }
void invalidate( const bool );
friend class Builder;
friend class Widget;
void paint( uint = 1 );
void aaPaint();
void colorise();
void setRingBreadth();
Chain<Segment> *m_signature;
QRect m_rect;
uint m_ringBreadth; ///ring breadth
uint m_innerRadius; ///radius of inner circle
uint m_visibleDepth; ///visible level depth of system
QString m_centerText;
class Widget : public QWidget
Widget( QWidget* = 0, const char* = 0 );
~Widget() { delete m_tip; }
QString path() const;
KURL url( File const * const = 0 ) const;
bool isValid() const { return m_tree != 0; }
friend class Label; //FIXME badness
public slots:
void zoomIn();
void zoomOut();
void create( const Directory* );
void invalidate( const bool = true );
void refresh( int );
private slots:
void resizeTimeout();
void sendFakeMouseEvent();
void deleteJobFinished( KIO::Job* );
void createFromCache( const Directory* );
void activated( const KURL& );
void invalidated( const KURL& );
void created( const Directory* );
void mouseHover( const QString& );
void giveMeTreeFor( const KURL& );
virtual void paintEvent( QPaintEvent* );
virtual void resizeEvent( QResizeEvent* );
virtual void mouseMoveEvent( QMouseEvent* );
virtual void mousePressEvent( QMouseEvent* );
virtual void dragEnterEvent( QDragEnterEvent* );
virtual void dropEvent( QDropEvent* );
const Segment *segmentAt( QPoint& ) const; //FIXME const reference for a library others can use
const Segment *rootSegment() const { return m_rootSegment; } ///never == 0
const Segment *focusSegment() const { return m_focus; } ///0 == nothing in focus
void paintExplodedLabels( QPainter& ) const;
const Directory *m_tree;
const Segment *m_focus;
QPoint m_offset;
QTimer m_timer;
Map m_map;
SegmentTip *m_tip;
Segment *m_rootSegment;