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Added copy to clipboard function to segment context menus
Accepts URLs from drag and drop
Click central circle to go "up"
Fixed a crash on startup
Fixed a crash during use
Fixed not displaying non-latin1 label correctly
Made "Scan Directory..." a KStdAction::open with setText( "Scan Directory..." );
Swaped map rendering from bitBlt to paintPixmap (again) as some users get problems with the labels being obliterated
LocationBar history is saved inbetween sessions for KDE >= 3.1.3
Rescans are forced if locationBar Go is pushed for location to current map
Fixed several bugs related to resizing the filemap
Initial map display had a long running issue which meant you had to perform a resize to ensure all detail was shown. I finally put in the hours and fixed it.
Cancelling scans clears the location bar
Option to show files not represented as segments (because they are too small) combined in large segments with relevant summaries
Directories that would normally have no child segments shown now have hidden Files segment shown
Fixed faulty show/hide of progress box when many scans done in quick succession
Session management
Saving of Window/*bar settings inbetween sessions
Fixed popup related non-updates and false action calls
Canvas code cleanup
Stopped combo activated scans being called twice
Improved map generation speed (scan speeds are still slow however)
Appropriate wait cursors are set during long operations (scans, map generation)
Fixed misrendered transparency when tooltips exceed Filelight boundries
Optimised and de-flickered the tooltips
Segments that contain unrepresented files (due to 5 level limit on maps) now show a thick border at the edge to indicate that there are unrepresented files
Commandline now accepts ../ and ./ type arguments
Add "Open Konsole here" to context-menu, also tidied it up and made it properly context relevant
Popup title is now relative to map path to reduce menu width somewhat without resorting to csqueeze()
Fixed bug with not showing unrepresented files for dirs that contained dirs
Improvement selection of units for tooltips (always prefer megabytes unless < 0.01 MB)
Improved selection of decimal places for size display (2sig.fig. please)
Label font sizes now default to the system standard
Labels have indentation relative to their level
Label selection improved (not enough yet though!)
Better looking label line diagonals
When smaller fonts are requested, Filelight maximises the font size differences
Attempted to fix crash at exit bug
Made files shades of gray, made indicator for directories that have unshown files
Removed presence of multi-file segments except in root level circumstances (unless Show Small Files is selected in Settings)
Contrast system revamped, you can now have more contrast
Segment colouring system rewritten, better distinction between different segment types
Used more KStdActions (less work for translation teams at very least)
Fixed bug where segmenttip wasn't shown for 1st pixel but labels were
Directories with unshown files have better arrow heads now thanks to some clever trig
Checked for possible cases where division by zero might occur and corrected code
Huge code rewrite in preparation for transition to KPart (must release soon, this is getting silly)
Allow clicks on the central circle to represent the map's root (eg. middle-click to open in Konqi)
Attempted a fix for the absurdly large file bug (eg > 1400GB!)
Linking bug fixed for Gentoo systems
Compile bug fixed for GCC < 3
Fixed crash bug when scan had been stopped and then back then forward pressed
Fixed another compile bug for systems that don't support large files (Debian apparently)
Internationalisation support thanks to patch from Andr<64> Somers
Made the tooltip translucent (NOT a gimmick, this feature is essential IMO)
Started making debug messages use kdDebug so users can enable/disable the messages
Implemented XML GUI
Vast slot/signal cleanup, fixed many bugs
Fixed a few bugs with the progress box
Cancelled scans now remain stored in the back/forward histories
Fixed incorrect reporting of directory file counts
Increased minimum segment size to 3px outer diameter (any depth)
Added location_bar UI element to toolbar (much work)
The segment tip now appears below the cursor when hovering over the upper part of the map
Increased the recent scans list to 8 entries and made the combohistory work better
Filelight again compiles on KDE <= 3.1.3 (but with some reduced functionality)
Rewrote HistoryAction code
Improved default choice of smallest font
Lowest level segment labels show whenever mouse is not over anything
Middle click opens segment according to mime type (eg. jpgs open in kuickshow)
Implemented realtime contrast updates
Added antialiasing, font size and contrast settings to appearance tab
Renamed "colour scheme" tab "appearance"
Extruded label fontsizes reflect their segment's depth
Rescans ignore tree cache
Changing scan options clears the tree cache
Directory select dialog shows current path as selected when opened
Scans no longer have to be repeated
Implemented antialiasing for the map, very slow so only happens after resizes
Gracefully handles failures to read file attributes
Rewrote backend with templating, should have done that in first place!
Improved changelog listing methods!
Included support for GNU systems that don't support large files (>2GB)
Added expanded labels to give more information on segments in focus
Added settings dialogs
Added new colour schemes
Allowed scans to not cross at mount points
Added #Files info for directory tooltips
filemap is now displayed centrally
Shows percentage of files in directories
Added Filelight to the Utilities submenu in the K-Menu
Tooltips are now presented for file info instead of using the statusbar
Made resizing of the filemap smoother
Improved the icon and made a 48x48 and 22x22 version
Reworked the code somewhat
Scans can now be cancelled
The go history actions are more intelligent
Fixed all the bugs I could find
Attempted to improve filemap contrast some more (still not perfect, but getting there)
Added visual activation cues for various clicks
Few bug fixes
Improved performance for rendering and scanning
Improved contrast of the filemap
Added icon
Added left and right click functionality
Improved error handling
Added toolbar, implemented history functionality
Click to scan segments
Increased filesize limit to 4096 GB
Fixed <time.h> required - make bug
Various optimisations
Initial public release