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Filelight - a pie-chart diskspace viewer

Filelight allows you to understand how your diskspace is being used by graphically representating your filesystem as a set of concentric segmented-rings.

It is like a pie-chart indeed, but the segments nest allowing you to see both which directories take up all your space as well as which directories and files inside those directories are the real culprits.

Usage Tips

  • Click on directories to center the view there

  • Click on files to launch the application associated with them

  • Middle click to open files/directories with Konqueror

  • Right click on the central white circle to manipulate the base directory

  • Increase the window size to see more detail

  • Hover over segments to find out more information

  • Available as a view-KPart in Konqueror

  • You can specify a directory to scan on startup from the command line, eg:

    $ filelight /home/mxcl



If you wish to contribute to filelight (TDE), you might do so:

Translations status


Translations status

desktop files

Translations status