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Michele Calgaro 3acedbd1d5
3 months ago
CMakeLists.txt Housekeeping of CMake rules. 1 year ago
emacsdetails.ui Rename obsolete tq methods to standard names 12 years ago
kcmgtk.cpp Add option WITH_GCC_VISIBILITY. 1 year ago
kcmgtk.desktop Move documentation into kcontrol/gtk. 1 year ago
kcmgtk.h Replace Q_OBJECT with TQ_OBJECT 3 months ago
kcmgtkwidget.ui Remove unnecessary accelerators from .ui files 1 year ago
mozillaprofile.ui Add includes to UI files to resolve FTBFS. 5 years ago
searchpaths.ui Replace Qt branding with TQt ones and add GTK version. 4 years ago