K9Copy – DVD backup tool
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Slávek Banko 9915779aa5
Remove generated files from source tree.
5 months ago
Makefile.am Use system dvdread headers 10 years ago
k9mplayer.cpp Bring mail_forward, mail_new, mail_replyall, mail_reply, mail_send, player_pause, player_play, player_stop, player_rew, player_fwd, player_start, player_end, rotate_ccw, rotate_cw, window_fullscreen, window_nofullscreen, window_new, viewmagfit, viewmag+, viewmag1, and viewmag- icons into XDG compliance 8 years ago
k9mplayer.h Rename KGlobal, KProcess, and KClipboard to avoid conflicts with KDE4 10 years ago
mplayer.ui Remove unnecessary accelerators from .ui files. 5 months ago