KBarcode – barcode and label printing application
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  1. Changelog since Version 1.3.2:
  2. ==============================
  3. Version 2.0.7
  4. Fixed building on systems with Automake 1.10 or later
  5. Fixed text rendering on systems with TQt 3.3.8b
  6. Dropped support for TQt 3.3.2 and earlier
  7. Cleaned up Help menu
  8. Version 2.0.6
  9. Dag Nygren contributed a patch which fixes printing from a CSV file
  10. Check if files passed for batchprinting from the commandline do exist
  11. Patch from Chris <chris@ac-drexler.de> fixing problems with SQLite
  12. Patch from Váradi Zsolt Gyula to fix the long standing issue with
  13. disappearing objects
  14. Version 2.0.5
  15. Fixed TBarcode2 detection in system check
  16. Fixed checksum for TBarcode2
  17. Improved CSV file import (works now with any table and fixed field
  18. files)
  19. Added new version of barcode writer in pure postscript
  20. Supported barcodes are now parsed from barcode writer in pure postscript file
  21. Fixed address printing
  22. Version 2.0.4
  23. Fixed compilation on KDE < 3.5
  24. Fixed a database access bug
  25. Raphael Pinson updated the french translation
  26. Fixed text alignment in label editor
  27. Version 2.0.3
  28. Fixed adding articles from the SQL table
  29. Fixed barcode support when only barcode writer in pure postscript is
  30. available
  31. Added an action map
  32. Added the possibility to keep the batch printing window open after printing
  33. Version 2.0.2
  34. Fixed translations in the barcode combo
  35. Fixed [field0] - [field9]
  36. Fixed case sensitive barcode encoding in SQL database
  37. Version 2.0.1
  38. Fixed compilation on slackware amd64
  39. Fixed spec file RHFC4
  40. Added turkish translation by Furkan Duman
  41. Barcode properties are used immediately in the barcode dialog
  42. Added TBarcode2 support
  43. Fixed database settings
  44. Barcodes values are validated before generating a new barcode for
  45. barcode writer in pure postscript. Requires PCRE.
  46. Fixed database barcode modes
  47. Version 2.0.0
  48. Increased version number
  49. Version 2.0.0rc2
  50. Fixed saving barcodes to images (correct fileformat is now detected)
  51. Fixed the --print commandline option with --batch
  52. Updated german translation
  53. Patch by Simon Munton fixes a crash
  54. Fixed printing bug: Printing started on the second label
  55. Updated Barcode Writer in Pure Postscript version
  56. Fixed importing articles
  57. Removed the build time dependency on GNU Barcode
  58. Version 2.0.0rc1
  59. Added missing #include <stdlib.h> to fix compilation
  60. Fixed desktop files
  61. Updated admin/ directory to KDE 3.5
  62. Comitted a patch by Jan Zuchhold to support Codabar without checksum
  63. Added default value for [serial] field
  64. Improved commandline options, --prints now immediately and exits
  65. KBarcode after printing.
  66. Fixed 3 small memory leaks (one in the SQL code and one during XML parsing)
  67. Selection is not removed after changing properties of a text element
  68. Formattings in the text editor are kept for new paragraphs now
  69. Version 1.9.10
  70. Show name of used barkode engine for encoding
  71. Added support for Terry Burtons Barcode Writer in Pure Postscript as
  72. new Barcode backend with many new suported barcode formats.
  73. Version 1.9.9
  74. The encoding of input csv data can be specified
  75. KDE addressbook integration. The addressbook can now be used as
  76. datasource for batchprinting
  77. Fixed CSV to SQL import
  78. Fixed CSV import when the separator is part in a quoted region
  79. Fixed a few memory leaks found by valgrind
  80. Version 1.9.8
  81. Added [col] and [row] tokens
  82. Text fields have now a line distance of 1 instead of 1.5
  83. Fixed center horizontally and vertically
  84. Fixed barcode without text
  85. Removed Undo Limit option from preferences (makes the dialog easier)
  86. Fixed compilation on RH9, Mandrake 10
  87. Fixed empty user defined fields
  88. Added a busy cursor while creating databases
  89. Uses references instead of pointers and fix a memory leak
  90. Version 1.9.7
  91. Fixed --label commandline option
  92. Added text rotation support
  93. Fixed printing out of the label. Positions on screen are now also
  94. positions on the printer!
  95. Fixed barcode resizing
  96. Undo/Redo for raise/lower is now possible
  97. Implemented a confortable wizard for inserting tokens
  98. Version 1.9.6
  99. Fixed y-scaling issues during printing
  100. Faster barcode generation through the usage of pipes
  101. Fixed image printing (images were not scaled on the printer)
  102. Improved the layout of the visibility script dialog
  103. Fixed clipping issues during printing
  104. Fixed TBarcode Support
  105. Fixed CSV Import
  106. Version 1.9.5
  107. Fixed next button in batchwizard for data import
  108. Moved image creation settings from preferences to batchwizard
  109. BatchWizard opens image creation directory after creating images
  110. automatically
  111. Added new commandline options and DCOP methods to allow for easier
  112. scripting of KBarcode
  113. Fixed file open from label editor (do not show new label dialog when
  114. opening files)
  115. Fixed enable/disable of KLineEdit in TokenDialog
  116. Added JavaScript support
  117. Removed LabelPrinter class (replaced by BatchWizard)
  118. Made the new label dialog smaller in size and therefore more useable
  119. Fixed an image scaling bug
  120. Greatly improved image support, image path can now also be an
  121. expression
  122. Fixed crashes in the label editor with undo/redo by making TCanvasItem
  123. objects referencecounted
  124. Version 1.9.4
  125. Fixed barcode sequence start values and stepping
  126. All legacy barcode should now load succesfully
  127. Readded TBarcode and PDF417 support
  128. Fixed PDF417 support
  129. Fixed dancing objects in the labeleditor when resizing
  130. Fixed undo delete
  131. Make default grid size smaller
  132. Added the sqlquery statement
  133. Fixed drawing of invalid barcodes from the PixmapBarcode engine
  134. Fixed resizing og items to a negative value (which is not allowed
  135. anmore)
  136. Improved the grid in the labeleditor a bit, still not perfect
  137. Fixed compilation warnings
  138. Added border support for TextLineItems
  139. Added support for user defined variables
  140. Added a completely new full featured and fantastic batch printing
  141. wizard
  142. Fixed CTRL+P short cut being used twice in labeleditor
  143. Added CSVFile abstraction class to parse CSVFiles
  144. Fixed memory leaks when printing to images
  145. Version 1.9.3
  146. Fixed positions of printed textitems
  147. Improved printing speed
  148. Fixed characters being dropped while printing
  149. Added keyboard accessors to the barcode widget
  150. Merged Barkode - the new barcode engine for KBarcode
  151. Fixed file extension being added twice when saving a barcode
  152. Reenabled copy and paste of single barcodes
  153. Added a protect position and size feature to the labeleditor
  154. Version 1.9.2
  155. Generate button is now default in the barcode dialog
  156. Size and position can be specified in inch now
  157. Barcode are resized correctly in the label editor
  158. Added a select/deselect all option to the label editor
  159. Fixed barcode printing (they are printed in the correct size now)
  160. Laurent Montel fixed a memory leak in NewLabel dialog
  161. Faster compilation thanks to Laurent's include moc patch
  162. Fixed a memory leak in NewItem commands
  163. Fixed copy and paste of text objects
  164. Fixed a memory leak when changing the size of an existing label
  165. Fixed lot's of printing bugs (text, barcode printing!)
  166. Improved layout of BarcodeDialog and preview of large barcodes
  167. Fixed a crash with PreviewDialog
  168. Improved layout ot the TokenDialog (and size is stored now in the config)
  169. Fixed edit properties menu action
  170. Version 1.9.1
  171. Merged EPCL Printer support from Brian Glass
  172. Improved token selection
  173. Refactored barcode printer codes
  174. Faster image loading as PNG is now used internally (i.e smaller filesizes too)
  175. More image options (scale, zoom,rotation readded,mirroring)
  176. Fixed scrollbars in the LabelEditor for big labels
  177. Merged TEC Printer support from Nyssa
  178. Improved copy and paste support (select more than one item)
  179. Fixed textprinting for all Qt versions
  180. Added a dialog for easier printing to barcode printers
  181. Lot's of bug fixes and improvements
  182. Version 1.9.0
  183. --- Only anounced on the Mailinglist ---
  184. Version 1.8.2
  185. Printing works on all kde versions again
  186. Version 1.8.1
  187. Display a progress dialog when loading label definitions
  188. Converted label definitions to UTF-8
  189. Fix text printing with Qt 3.3.x
  190. Fixed a bug which caused definitions to be loaded twice
  191. Fixed compilation errors due to missing time.h include
  192. Version 1.8.0
  193. Minor changes
  194. Version 1.7.5
  195. Added the option to change properties from the menus
  196. Delete option gets disabled properly
  197. Version 1.7.4
  198. Fixed CSV import in to batch printing mode
  199. Updated automake
  200. Replaced convert by ghostscript -> less dependencies and more speed!
  201. Version 1.7.3
  202. Fixed compilation with --enable-final (added necessary ifdef's around headers)
  203. Fixed compilation (don't declare default args in the implementation)
  204. Fixed an UPC-A generation bug
  205. Added a Polnish translation by Benedykt P. Barszcz
  206. Fixed CSV import when the line does not end with the separator
  207. Fixed barcode size being different on screen and printer
  208. Fixed warnings about returnign reference to temporaries
  209. Added --print option also for the label editor
  210. Version 1.7.2
  211. Major code refactoring to make everything cleaner and simpler
  212. Faster because of using less tempfiles
  213. Improved UI of Batch Printing dialog
  214. Fixed bug in group completion support
  215. Fixed CSV file import into PostgreSQL
  216. KBarcode File Plugin is now part of the KBarcode Source distribution
  217. Version 1.7.1
  218. Fixed grid not beeing updated
  219. Speed improvements in token provider
  220. Fixed printing
  221. Improved DCOP interface
  222. Fixed moving items on grid has been greatly improved
  223. Serial indexing support
  224. Version 1.7.0
  225. The default page size is read from KDE
  226. Increased speed when loading label definitions from file
  227. Support for inch and millimeter
  228. Added a powerful DCOP interface
  229. Version 1.6.2
  230. Fixed an UPC-A generation bug
  231. Added greek translation
  232. Version 1.6.0
  233. KDE 3.0.x compilation fixes
  234. Fixed wrong barcode positions
  235. Version 1.6.0rc-2
  236. Fixed the rect icon in the labeleditor
  237. Fixed compilation with Qt 3.0.x
  238. Fixed a crash for paragraphs with one character only
  239. Improved printing of large pictures
  240. Fixed a bug with text lines drawn twice
  241. Version 1.6.0rc-1
  242. Build System fixes
  243. Fixed a segmentation fault
  244. Removed debug messages
  245. Fixed focus of multi line edit dialog
  246. Version 1.5.5
  247. Fixed compilation with Qt 3.1.x
  248. Fixed some IPL issues
  249. Fixed rich text rendering bug with empty paragraph
  250. Fixed display of "field0-9" fields
  251. Fixed spacing of the first line of each paragraph
  252. Spellchecked German translation
  253. Switched to KDevelop 3.0.0beta1
  254. Version 1.5.4
  255. Further dynamic datafields fixes in the labeleditor
  256. Using own rich text engine (-> anti aliased fonts in printout)
  257. Removed screen resolution printing mode as 300dpi has better results
  258. Simplified configuration wizard
  259. greatly improved API documentation
  260. Added system check utility
  261. Updated German translation
  262. Added experimental IPL support
  263. Version 1.5.3
  264. Fixed display of dynamic datafields in the label editor
  265. Fixed a crash in the preview of the label editor
  266. Fixed sequences with more barcodes on a label
  267. Added ZPL export
  268. Removed "USE" statement in DB code
  269. Started work on an own rich text rendering implementation
  270. Version 1.5.2
  271. Added TBarcode auto correction feature
  272. Fixed copy and paste in the labeleditor
  273. Lot's of database creation fixes
  274. Added a progress dialog to the CSV import
  275. Fixed a memory leak, when the definition where read from a file
  276. Speed improvements when no database is used (because of caching)
  277. Version 1.5.1
  278. Added Advanced button for barcode settings
  279. Added [resolution], [index], [page] keywords (datafields)
  280. Added text above barcodes for tbarcode backend
  281. Added escape sequence support for tbarcode backend
  282. Added support to select more than one element in the label editor (press CTRL)
  283. Added 1200dpi printing mode
  284. Added PostgreSQL and SQLite support (ODBC should work, too)
  285. Added API Documentation
  286. Added support for barcode sequences
  287. Added support for checkdigits with TBarcode
  288. Enabling crop marks (borders) is now much easier
  289. Cut/scale is now reset to 100/1000 if disabled
  290. Fixed and improved the barcode cache
  291. Fixed CSVImportDlg, which allowed to insert data in not existant table fields
  292. Fixed placement of new items
  293. Fixed preview in the label editor
  294. Removed 72dpi printing mode completely
  295. Removed convert -quality commandline option
  296. Datafields are now even shown in the label editor
  297. Changed double SQL datatypes to NUMERIC (and smallint to int)
  298. Made some varchars in the SQL code larger (to varchar(255))
  299. The index of the label can be specified in the label editor preview
  300. Version 1.5.0
  301. Added TBarcode support (lot's of new barcode formats!)
  302. Added harddisk barcode cache
  303. Added CSV file import dialog
  304. Added support to configure the preview page size
  305. Added configuration of PDF417 err correction level and size
  306. Update SQL Tables so that 2D barcodes will work
  307. Fixed bug with barcode value not shown in the label editor
  308. Fixed fonts with Qt 3.2
  309. Removed some warning messages
  310. Removed useless functions: copyBarcode and printBarcode
  311. Removed grayscale option
  312. Removed bg and fg colors, because they are not supported
  313. Refactored SQL code to make it much easier (introduced SQL widget )
  314. Changed default: labeleditor asks for new label on startup
  315. Version 1.4.1
  316. Fixed compilation error with compound literals
  317. Version 1.4.0
  318. Fixed image positions when printing
  319. Version 1.4.0-rc1
  320. Fixed bugs with image rotation
  321. Fixed printing of barcodes
  322. Fixed recent files menu
  323. Fixed automatic text resizing
  324. Fixed bug with getting max length barcode values from the database
  325. Version 1.3.6
  326. Don't use private KPrinter API
  327. Fixed sql table creation
  328. Fixed drawing of lines
  329. Removed not working spellchecker
  330. KBarcode defaults to printing at 300dpi
  331. Updated Hungarian, Italian and Spanish translation
  332. Added own grid icon
  333. Updated documentation download URL
  334. Version 1.3.5
  335. Fixed free space around label in the label editor
  336. Improved label preview dialog a lot
  337. Align to grid can be undone now
  338. Improved printing speed. Labels are read only once from harddisk.
  339. Fixed database problems with batch printing
  340. Cancelling of creating images works now
  341. Pages are calculated correctly again
  342. Improved layout of barcode dialog
  343. Fixed saving of barcodes
  344. Version 1.3.4
  345. Added a button to insert all values from barcode_basic to batchprinting
  346. Improved the configuration wizard
  347. Improved batch printer GUI with import menu item
  348. Fixed SQL connection bug in batch printer
  349. Remove X, Y Correction stuff
  350. Refactore printer setup code
  351. Removed antialiased stuff, with Qt 3.2 we'll have pretty fonts anyway
  352. Fixed a memory leak in the image generation code
  353. Stopped maintaining two different printer codes, LabelEditor prints from the XML file now, too
  354. Fixed printing for all resolutions
  355. Improved the layout of the barcode dialog
  356. Fixed closing of main window
  357. Greatly enhanced PDF417 support
  358. Restructered preferences dialog
  359. Fixed textprinting bug
  360. Removed useless functions scalePainter() & renderPix()
  361. Version 1.3.3
  362. Fixed Qt 3.0.x compilation
  363. Fixed a segfault at startup
  364. Version 1.3.2
  365. Resizing with shift pressed keeps ratio now
  366. Fixed image rotation
  367. Fixed keyboard shortcuts
  368. Refactor lot's of code in command.cpp
  369. Fixed caption of Label Editor after using the preview
  370. 72dpi can only be selected in the preferences if it is better than screenresolution
  371. Refactored some resolution calculations
  372. Fixed a memory leak in MyCanvasView
  373. Removed not working label scaling stuff
  374. Added more free fields to the "barcode_basic" table to improve handling of labels without barcodes (e.g. address labels)
  375. Improved and refactored printing code
  376. Fixed resizing of the label editor window
  377. Fixed grid and changed default gridsize to 20 pixels
  378. Moved drawing toolbar to the left side of the window
  379. Disable cut, copy and paste actions when no document is loaded
  380. Ported lot's of dialogs to KDialogBase
  381. Fixed move by value
  382. Databases are updated automatically on connection
  383. Fixed (one) undo/redo crash
  384. Fixed badly broken batchprinting with database values
  385. Fixed undo/redo crash
  386. Improved printing speed a little bit
  387. Fixed a crash with enabled grid