KBFX – an alternative to T-Menu
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  1. "KBFX Silk" (
  2. =======================
  3. Hello everyone,
  4. After a long silence from us now we are happy to announce that finally the
  5. stable release of KBFX is ready.
  6. We made a lot of changes to the KBFX Configurator and to KBFX Menu itself.
  7. However we were not able to implement everything you proposed and everything we
  8. wanted. So some of the features (see the TODO list in the source files)
  9. in "KBFX Silk" ( are still not ready. We are sure that they will
  10. present in the next stable release which will be due just after KDE4 is
  11. released. The menu itself, however, is fully functional.
  12. Thanks to all of you who gave us ideas and who tested the prerelease versions of
  13. KBFX.
  14. All the best from your KBFX Team. :)
  15. Note: Things to be considered before installing "KBFX Silk"
  16. ===========================================================
  17. 1.) To configure and compile "KBFX Silk" you need Cmake >= 2.4.2 from http://www.cmake.org
  18. 2.) To configure, compile and install "KBFX Silk" simply run ./build.sh
  19. 3.) Before the install of "KBFX Silk", please unload and uninstall any previous version of KBFX.
  20. 4.) After the install of "KBFX Silk" please relogin KDE.
  21. 5.) If you need file searching capabilities in KBFX, please download and install Strigi
  22. from http://strigi.sf.net
  23. 6.) To enable Strigi support in KBFX, please pass "--strigi" OR "-s" option to build.sh
  24. i.e: ./build.sh --strigi