KBFX – an alternative to T-Menu
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 KBFX Preface:
KBFX is an alternative to the classical K-Menu button and it's menu.
It improves the user experience by enabling the user to set a bigger (and
thus more visible) start button and by finally replacing the Win95-like
K-Menu with the Spinx bar.
If you still want the old menu, because you're used to it, it is still
available as an option in KBFX.

The KBFX team is small, but very active. The members are:
Siraj Razick: Maintainer, initiator of KBFX, Developer, Project Admin
Mensur Zahirovic (nookie): Web-development, Q&A, Graphics, Bug Hunter,
Project Admin
Nathanael Gogniat (dracor): Documentation
PhobosK: Package & Release Manager, Quality Assurance, Bug Hunter,
Mandriva Packages, Project Admin, Developer QT/C++
Johnny Henry Sáenz Acuña (scarebyte): Developer QT4/C++, Debian Packages
Fathi Boudra (fabo): Developper QT/C++, Debian Packages
Pascal Jungblut (Jongking): Development support

Special thanks goes to:
Akhmad Fathonih, Asif Ali Rizwaan, Dominik, Victor, Ron (bfman), Steady

We would also like to thank everyone who has contributed to KBFX by using
it and sending feedback and bugs and everyone who has contributed button
designs or ideas.

Other Useful Info
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Project Homepage:
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