KBiff – mail notification utility
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  1. 10-05-08 - Kurt Granroth (3.9)
  2. o Converted KBiff into a full-fledged tdeinit module compatible
  3. with the latest KDE 3.5 (previous support was outdated)
  4. o Yet more tweaks to compile under the gcc 4.x running target
  5. without warnings
  6. o Cleaned up a bunch of Makefiles, configure files, and automake
  7. files along with an updated 'admin' directory
  8. o Got rid of the 'release-kbiff' "meta" version and date tags
  9. o Updated the .spec file to be more up to date
  10. 09-09-08 - Frédéric Brière
  11. o Replaced complicated date-time calculations with toTime_t()
  12. 03-30-08 - Léo Terziman
  13. o Fix compilation of ASUS led code under gcc 4
  14. 03-21-08 - Martin Spirk
  15. o Added 'stopped' icon state
  16. 02-27-08 - Elve
  17. o Updated Dutch translation (nl.po)
  18. 01-21-08 - Kurt Granroth
  19. o Updated automake admin dir with latest code from KDE 3.8
  20. o Tweaked the code to compile on gcc 4.2 without warnings with -Wall
  21. o Status window tweaks to work better on multiple-monitors as well
  22. as in more positions (side, bottom, top, etc).
  23. o Removed some 2.x code. Nobody uses KDE2 anymore so it's high
  24. time KBiff stops supporting it.
  25. o Fix display of icons with the icon selector
  26. 09-10-05 - Kurt Granroth (3.8)
  27. o Updated automake admin dir to compile with latest SuSE
  28. o Updated documentation slightly
  29. 09-10-05 - David Vestal
  30. o Status Window patch for multiple-monitors
  31. 06-01-05 - Michael Hendricks
  32. o Added CRAM-MD5 and APOP login support for POP and IMAP
  33. 08-02-04 - Robert J. Clark
  34. o Fixed advanced options like keepalive propogating from the setup
  35. dialog to the code that actually uses it
  36. 03-23-04 - Roeland Merks (3.7.1)
  37. o Added code to toggle ASUS Mail LED
  38. 12-18-03 - Anton Perich
  39. o Changed IMAP code to use STATUS instead of EXAMINE
  40. 11-14-03 - Kurt Granroth
  41. o Updated 'admin' subdir to work with newer autoconf/automake
  42. 10-22-03 - Adam Piatyszek
  43. o Bug fix in maildir code to handle 'f'lagged messages
  44. 09-26-03 - Clemens Oertel
  45. o New option to set a command that runs whenever the status changes
  46. from New back to Old. Useful to set LEDs and the like
  47. 09-10-03 - Alex Galakhov (3.7)
  48. o Added SSL protocols support using KSSL
  49. 12-11-02 - Oren Peled
  50. o More robust .spec file
  51. 11-07-02 - Mattias Paivarinta, Jean-Michel Kelbert (3.6.3,3.5.7)
  52. o Don't report "trashed" mails in maildir as unread
  53. o Updated debian subdir
  54. 11-05-02 - Klaus-Dieter Krannich
  55. o Fixed Most Reported Bug Ever(tm)! KBiff should no longer crash
  56. when you move the cursor over the status window.
  57. 11-01-02 - Kurt Granroth (3.6.2,3.5.6)
  58. o Few cosmetic tweaks and made sure a few dialogs have parents
  59. o Decided to make a release since there are a few months worth
  60. of patches
  61. 11-01-02 - Robert Hardy
  62. o Added additional check to RPM_BUILD_ROOT in kbiff.spec
  63. 07-08-02 - Max Zaitsev
  64. o More robust state checking with POP3
  65. 06-09-02 - Moritz Maaß
  66. o Added "current mail" field to status popup
  67. 04-13-02 - Kurt Granroth (3.6.1,3.5.5)
  68. o Fixed icon loading so that choosing non-standard icons works
  69. again. Not sure when this broke but it is the Most Frequently
  70. Reported Bug (MFRB)! Enough so that I am going to back-port it
  71. to the KDE2 version
  72. o Realized that I can have the same source for the KDE2 and KDE3
  73. version so maybe I will be maintaining the older version after
  74. all
  75. 03-25-02 - Kurt Granroth (3.6)
  76. o Updated to work with KDE3
  77. 11-07-01 - Kurt Granroth (3.5.4)
  78. o Fixed mbox access time setting for those who have their timezone
  79. setup incorrectly
  80. o Added Japanese message file from from Toyohiro Asukai
  81. 10-23-01 - Kurt Granroth (3.5.3)
  82. o Fixed mbox access time setting to keep timezone into account
  83. o Improved mbox state saving
  84. 10-22-01 - Fredrik Kuivinen (3.5.2)
  85. o Reset 'mbox' style mailboxes to old access time after checking
  86. them. This should make most MUA's quite a bit happier
  87. o Added a few variable substitution rules(%m -> mailbox with new
  88. mail, %u -> URL of mailbox with new mail, %% -> %)
  89. 09-13-01 - Oleg Cherkasov, Stefan Reinhold, Matthias Kaehlcke (3.5.1)
  90. o Added 'debian' subdir for building on debian/woody. Thanks to
  91. Oleg for that
  92. o Patch by Stefan to be a lot more intelligent about how we count
  93. mail on an IMAP server
  94. o KBiff man pages from Matthias (matze)
  95. 07-20-01 - Kurt Granroth (3.5)
  96. o Redid .po files. Hopefully some of the other languages will work
  97. again
  98. o Adapted password storage to use Base64 instead of homemade often-
  99. not-working encoding
  100. 06-27-01 - Eray Ozkural and Kurt Granroth
  101. o Added "precommand" field to start a program (like fetchmail)
  102. before KBiff polls.
  103. 06-20-01 - Kurt Granroth
  104. o Maildir folders can have unread (new) mail in the 'cur' folder.
  105. Handle that.
  106. o Added kbiff.so module to the .spec file
  107. o The notify window will update when new mail arrives (broken in
  108. 3.4.1)
  109. 05-31-01 - Albert Chin
  110. o Compile on IRIX (name used as both a variable and a method is
  111. forbidden)
  112. 05-25-01 - Kurt Granroth
  113. o Use KRun::runCommand to start programs instead of the homegrown
  114. code using TDEProcess
  115. 05-25-01 - Balaji Ramani
  116. o Fixed sizing of status window.
  117. 05-21-01 - Kurt Granroth (3.4.2)
  118. o If the state is already New in the POP3 code, just emit the
  119. currentState signal (no more dialog box for each new mail).
  120. Thanks to Steve Evans <stevee@zuken.co.uk> for the heads up.
  121. o Make kbiff a tdeinit module (should save some memory). Thanks to
  122. Lubos Lunak <l.lunak@sh.cvut.cz> for the patch!
  123. o Added "hicolor" 16x16 icon since locolor icons are no longer the
  124. default in KDE
  125. 03-28-01 - Kurt Granroth (3.4.1)
  126. o If connecting to POP or IMAP server doesn't work, we disable that
  127. monitor.
  128. o Close the socket on pretty much any error.
  129. 03-28-01 - Sergei Haller
  130. o Storing the mailbox key in the KBiffMailbox.
  131. o Using this key in the notify window and the floating
  132. status widget instead of the simpleURL.
  133. o Using this key for storing/reading kbiffstatus because
  134. of problems with multiple accounts on the same server.
  135. o KBiffMailboxTab::getMailboxList() and
  136. KBiffSetup::getMailboxList() now return a list of
  137. KBiffMailbox'es instead of a list of KBiffURL's
  138. 03-27-01 - Sergei Haller
  139. o Now will *always* munge the user name and password if
  140. using IMAP4 protocol
  141. 03-24-01 - Kurt Granroth (3.4)
  142. o It is now possible to disable session management again
  143. o Use KURL for username encoding now that it does it right
  144. (user%domain should work now)
  145. o The "advanced" functions work again
  146. o Searching for 'maildir' directories now lets you pick a
  147. directory!
  148. o Finding help files works again
  149. 03-14-01 - Krischan Jodies, Adrian D. Ives
  150. o Use KAudioPlayer to play sounds
  151. 02-20-01 - Kurt Granroth (3.3.2)
  152. o Deleting mailboxes no longer crashes KBiff
  153. 01-22-01 - Kurt Granroth (3.3.1)
  154. o Fixed compilation issue for newer gcc (in RedHat 7.0)
  155. 11-21-00 - Max Zaitsev (3.3)
  156. o Huge change in state handling for POP3
  157. 11-20-00 - Kurt Granroth (3.2)
  158. o Fixed seg-fault when deleting profile
  159. o Launch mailer from notify dialog (again)
  160. o Random fixes that I can't remember
  161. 10-28-00 - Kurt Granroth (3.1)
  162. o Properly encode and decode passwords for POP3 and IMAP
  163. o Connect using proper hostname with POP3 and IMAP
  164. o Don't hang with 99% CPU when trying to start the mail client
  165. 10-07-00 - Kurt Granroth (3.0)
  166. o Updated to compile with KDE 2.0 final
  167. 12-24-99 - Kurt Granroth (2.3.11cvs)
  168. o Updated to 2.3.11 code
  169. o Added DCOP support!
  170. o Fixed location of 'status' box. Apparently in Qt 2.x, the
  171. width() and height() don't get set until AFTER a show()!
  172. o No more .xpm files -- I'm going to all .png from now on
  173. o Started adding What's This help to a few widgets
  174. 12-24-99 - Kurt Granroth (2.3.11)
  175. o IMAP code should better recognize NO and BAD responses (patch
  176. from Seo Young-Jin)
  177. o Allowed gcc 2.95 to play nice with KBiff using const iterators
  178. (patch from Mark Coletti)
  179. o Pretty big patch from Bjorn Hansson to add timeout ability to the
  180. socket code
  181. o Other random changes to let KBiff compile with no warnings even
  182. with '-Wall -pedantic'
  183. 10-20-99 - Kurt Granroth (2.3.10cvs)
  184. o Updated to 2.3.10 code
  185. 07-30-99 - Kurt Granroth (2.3.10)
  186. o "Launch" button should now look better i18n'ed
  187. o Empty Status: lines in mbox should now be flagged as read (patch from
  188. Dirk Foersterling)
  189. o KBiff should compile on HP-UX again (patch from Stefan Becker)
  190. o Popup no longer shows 1 new mail when there is 0 messages (patch from
  191. Riko Jacob)
  192. 06-28-99 - Kurt Granroth (2.3.9)
  193. o KBiff should no longer dump core when restarting a session. Don't know
  194. when this bug was introduced... but it's squashed now.
  195. 06-10-99 - Kurt Granroth (2.3.8)
  196. o Internal changes to stop some unnecessary code duplication
  197. 06-06-99 - Kurt Granroth (2.3.7)
  198. o Passwords with '(' in them should now work...
  199. 06-03-99 - Kurt Granroth (2.3.6)
  200. o POP3 protocol now exits properly when closing. This should fix a bevy
  201. of irritating socket problems.
  202. 05-22-99 - Kurt Granroth (2.3cvs)
  203. o Started moving layout stuff to Qt 2.0..
  204. 04-24-99 - Kurt Granroth (2.3.5)
  205. o Note to self: ALWAYS test with gcc 2.7.2 before shipping!!
  206. 04-22-99 - Kurt Granroth (2.3.4)
  207. o Added 'Mailer' button to notify dialog. This will launch your mail
  208. client.
  209. o Added button to test new mail sound
  210. o NNTP support works again. Not sure when it broke..
  211. 04-21-99 - Kurt Granroth (2.3.3)
  212. o Setup dialog is now correctly deleted (patch from Bjorn Hansson)
  213. o New "not connected" icon for network protocols (patch from Bjorn Hansson)
  214. o Got rid of 'const' warning (patch from -- guess who -- Bjorn)
  215. o Async net protocols are now "25% faster" (patch from Bjorn.. again!)
  216. o POP3 code now closes the socket if there was an error (Bjorn)
  217. o Icon should now draw correctly when it is not the first app docked
  218. into the panel. Seems there was a race condition (me, this time)
  219. 04-16-99 - Kurt Granroth (2.3.2)
  220. o Config files are now read with read only enabled. This hopefully should
  221. prevent the "empty" config files bug.
  222. o Notify boxes will no longer take focus when they pop up
  223. 04-08-99 - Kurt Granroth (2.3.1)
  224. o It is now possible to have only one profile with a name other than Inbox
  225. 03-27-99 - Kurt Granroth (2.3)
  226. o KBiff now has NNTP support! It is a very basic implementation, but
  227. it seems to work in lots of cases.
  228. o Should now handle Netscape Mail folders. Netscape seems to use an
  229. internal (read: not in the headers) way of determining mail state...
  230. but using X-Mozilla-Status might work a little.
  231. o Some more tweaks with the asynchronous code.
  232. o Should now handle mbox mailboxes that double as IMAP or POP mailboxes.
  233. I think PINE might use this format for all of its mailboxes (maybe).
  234. 03-23-99 - Kurt Granroth (2.2.8)
  235. o POP3 and IMAP4 code reworked due to a incredibly well done patch from
  236. Bjorn Hansson <Bjorn.Hansson@signal.uu.se>. KBiff should now work
  237. on laptops much better than before. All socket connections can now
  238. be asynchronous AND KBiff should no longer "leak" file descriptors
  239. o The new mail count on the floating status should now be correct at
  240. all times for mbox and imap4 mailboxes.
  241. 03-09-99 - Kurt Granroth (2.2.7)
  242. o Fixed bone-headed bug which would cause KBiff to seg fault in a
  243. 'leaveEvent'. Many thanks to Scott Bender <sbender@harmony-ds.com>
  244. for working with me on this!
  245. o MH handling code no longer allocates memory without deleting it. No
  246. more 64Meg KBiff processes!
  247. 03-08-99 - Kurt Granroth (2.2.6)
  248. o Should now compile again with gcc 2.7.2. Also made status popup
  249. a little more elegant looking.
  250. 03-06-99 - Kurt Granroth (2.2.5)
  251. o Implemented a Frequently Asked Feature (FAF) -- KBiff will now popup
  252. a list of mailboxs with the newmail count when you put your mouse over
  253. the icon (like a tooltip). As with pretty much everything in KBiff,
  254. this is configurable.
  255. 02-27-99 - Kurt Granroth (2.2.4)
  256. o KBiff now counts the number of new mail in MH mailboxes. Also fixed
  257. a silly bug that I introduced while applying the last patch.
  258. 02-26-99 - Kurt Granroth (2.2.3)
  259. o KBiff now supports MH mailboxes! Thanks to David Woodhouse
  260. <David.Woodhouse@mvhi.com> for the very well done patch!
  261. 02-23-99 - Kurt Granroth (2.2.2)
  262. o username, password, and path are now encoded. That means that really
  263. funky usernames like 'granroth@kde.org' and '/users/granroth' will
  264. now work!
  265. 02-09-99 - Kurt Granroth (2.2.1)
  266. o Fixed stupid bug where I tried to print out the mailbox name from the
  267. notify dialog.. AFTER I deleted the dialog :-(
  268. 02-04-99 - Kurt Granroth (2.2)
  269. o "Notify" dialogs are now non-modal AND are controlled. That means that
  270. when number of new mails changes, the number displayed is updated. If
  271. the state goes to OldMail or NoMail, the dialog is destroyed.
  272. 02-01-99 - Kurt Granroth
  273. o Changed imap code to use 'unseen' flag instead of 'recent'
  274. o Slightly modified Trace.cpp code to compile on NetBSD (tip o' the hat
  275. to Jaromir Dolecek <jdolecek@per4mance.cz> for that). Apparently,
  276. the va_start() macro on NetBSD does NOT like the (const char*)
  277. overloaded method for QString
  278. o Small change to kbiffmonitor.cpp so that pop3 doesn't produce hundreds
  279. of new 'notify' boxes (patch by Martin Hill <mjhill@home.com>)
  280. 01-30-99 - Kurt Granroth
  281. o Thanks to David Barth (dbarth@videotron.ca) for pointing out that
  282. older POP3 servers (ones that don't support UIDL) will cause KBiff
  283. to fail even though there is code to get around that...(patched)
  284. 01-13-99 - Kurt Granroth
  285. o Put TDEProcess handling code by itself so that all executing code passes
  286. through it.
  287. o Added profile name to tooltip
  288. 11-11-98 - Kurt Granroth
  289. o Added patch by Martin ? <spirk@kla.pvt.cz> to handle arguments for
  290. mail client better
  291. 11-10-98 - Kurt Granroth
  292. o Removed Qt 1.33 compatibility from CVS version and put back AUTOMOC
  293. 10-31-98 - Kurt Granroth
  294. o Released 1.1.6
  295. 10-26-98 - Kurt Granroth
  296. o Changed width of Advanced button so that certain translations will
  297. fit.
  298. 10-24-98 - Kurt Granroth
  299. o Fixed bug in POP3 code where it would *never* go back to "no mail"
  300. state if it ever received new mail.
  301. 10-13-98 - Kurt Granroth
  302. o Hideously mangled KTreeView to look exactly like QListView... at least
  303. as far as kbiff is concerned. It is *very* ugly.. but it works! And
  304. the cool thing is when I decide to go with QListView (the real one)
  305. exclusively, well, I just have to nuke ktreeview.[cpp|h] and remove
  306. a few #ifs.
  307. 10-10-98 - Kurt Granroth
  308. o Replaced QListView with KTreeView. QListView isn't cool enough to
  309. require all kbiff users to upgrade to Qt 1.40. Maybe after KDE 1.1
  310. is released, I'll put it back...
  311. 10-06-98 - Kurt Granroth
  312. o Added patch from Ian Denton to use POP3 UIDL to check number of new
  313. messages. Doesn't quite work perfectly, but it's almost there! Still
  314. problems with knowing when POP3 mailbox was "read", though...
  315. POP3 code now will attempt to figure out the number of new messages
  316. by checking UIDL, then if that fails, it checks STAT, then if that
  317. fails, it checks LIST.
  318. 10-04-98 - Kurt Granroth
  319. o Checking for new messages in mbox breaks the code! Added a work-around
  320. that may or may not work (didn't test yet). This will also break
  321. random file monitoring (file *must* be in mbox format), so I added
  322. a new protocol: "file"
  323. o Modified Trace class so that it will work with egcs.
  324. 09-25-98 - Kurt Granroth
  325. o Changed POP3 code back to using STAT. Apparently some servers don't
  326. return the number of messages with a successful USER/PASS
  327. 09-24-98 - Kurt Granroth
  328. o Added code from 'korn' to check number of new messages in mbox. 'Notify'
  329. should not correctly list the number of new messages in all four
  330. mailbox types.
  331. o Changed 'getlogin()' to more general form. Hopefully doesn't break on
  332. non-Linux systems.
  333. o Some bug fixes.
  334. 09-23-98 - Kurt Granroth
  335. o Quite a few bug fixes.
  336. 09-19-98 - Kurt Granroth
  337. o Added -secure option
  338. o Added "Read Mail" menu item. This will set the flags to OldMail if it
  339. was New. This also disables checking for new mail until the "current"
  340. new mail becomes old!
  341. 09-18-98 - Kurt Granroth
  342. o Fixed bug in 'scramble'
  343. 08-26-08 - Kurt Granroth
  344. o Added isGIF8x to facilitate animated gifs.