KBiff – mail notification utility
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Kurt Granroth <granroth@kde.org>

KBiff is a biff utility. It is highly configurable but very easy to
use and setup. It tries to combine the best (or at least *all*) of
the features of most of the other "biff" programs out there.

... use it at all?

KBiff has a number of advantages over the competition
o Pure GUI configuration. No command line parameters or strange config
files. All settings for KBiff can be done from one setup dialog
o Session management. KBiff starts up with the same configuration you
left it with.
o Panel docking. KBiff can be docked into the panel very easily. Handy
when you are monitoring several mailboxes and don't have the room
anywhere else.
o System sounds. KBiff can play most audio files when new mail arrives
o Animated gifs. KBiff can handle GIF89 animated gifs
o mbox, maildir, mh, POP3(S), IMAP4(S), and NNTP support.
o Highly configurable. There are very few things in KBiff that you
have to accept. Most things can be changed to fit your needs.