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Version 0.9.92 - 2007/04/15
- Windows installer now allows to install KDiff3 as Clearcase Diff and Merge Tool
- Windows installer "SVN Merge tool" corrected: Not creating $AppData\Subversion\config subdir anymore.
- KDE-Konqueror plugin: Launch KDiff3 from Konqueror. (Similar to Diff-Ext on Windows.)
- Qt4-version
- Printing crash fixed
- Compilation issue for Mac fixed
- Dir Rescan keeps settings for Show identical files etc.
- Bugfix: Empty file and not existing file were detected as binary equal.
- Temp file names use the process id in file name to allow several instances.
- Suppress flicker during startup. (Don't show status info window on creation.)
- New File comparison mode: Trust the size and date, but use binary comparison if date doesn't match (unsafe)
- After explicitely selecting files any file of the selected may be right clicked for context menu.
- Open dialog also shows current directories in directory comparison mode.
- Writing a file via --auto option didn't work for relative files. (Reported by Guilhem Bichot)
- New option for history merge: Max number of history entries
- New option "Auto save and quit on merge without conflicts"
- Directory Merge with Case sensitivity disabled: Correct destination filename chosen for merge.
Version 0.9.91 - 2006/10/29
- Encoding auto detection
- Fix for crash after double click below last line
- Saving of maximized window-state (Patch by Robert Vock)
- Separated Merge-options in own tab because "Diff and Merge"-options tab got too big.
- When pasting multiple lines into openfile dialog only first line is kept
- Drawing in directory view fixed.
- When specifying a separate output dir then for equal files a copy operation will also be offered.
- Windows specific:
- Windows installer problems fixed for users without admin-rights
- Fix for slow startup problem on Windows (Patch by Manfred Koehler)
- New: diff-ext-for-kdiff3 - Shell extension (originally by Sergey Zorin)
- Qt4-version:
- Saving of merge-result didn't work.
- Start external processes directly without cmd.exe-window
- Rewrote everything requiring Qt3-support
Version 0.9.90 - 2006/05/14
- Fixed KIO-problems of type "File exists" with tempfiles (introduced in 0.9.89)
- Fix for manual alignment with 3 files which caused crash (new feature in 0.9.89)
- Fix for Alt-Left caused crash for leftmost window on windows (due to changed compiler)
- Use of WResizeNoErase|WRepaintNoErase instead of WNoAutoErase (fix for compiler error with Qt3.1)
- Removed #include <konq_popupmenu.h> which is (currently) unneeded and required extra dependencies.
- Removed "Save/Load Directory Merge State ..." in directory menu. (These aren't working yet.)
- Fixed crash when used as Diff-part with KDevelop.
- Preserve executable bit when overwriting an existing file.
Version 0.9.89 - 2006/04/09
New features:
- Version control history auto merge plus sorting
- Auto merge regular expression
- Splitting and joining differences for merging
- Manual Diff Alignment tool
- Printing of differences
- Colorsettings for Dir-Colors
- Dir-show identical/different/A-only/B-only/C-only files with immediate effect (instead of option "List only deltas")
- Filename-edit above DiffInputWindows
- Windows-Context Menu in A/B/C-columns for dir-comparison (Windows only)
- Edit Menu: Select All (Ctrl-A)
- New commandline options:
--config filename: Select an individual config file. (Now also available for Windows and Qt-only version.)
--cs config: Change one specific setting via the command line. (For settings that were previously adjustable via GUI only.)
--confighelp: Show available config items and their current values.
- Dircomp: "Compare/Merge explicitly selected files" (Select files/dirs by clicking icons in columns A/B/C)
- User definable ignored command line options.
- Ability to swap pathnames in open dialog
- "Ignore"-button in error dialog when option not understood (Windows only)
- Quadratical scroll speedup during selection when mouse moves out of the diff input window.
Bugfixes, redesign:
- Preparations for Qt4-Port + some redesign
- GNU-Diff algorithm improved to be independent of line endings (needed for manual diff alignment)
- Avoid restoring a window where it is almost invisible (if moved almost out of the screen area)
- Go to next delta honors special "A vs. B", "A vs. C" or "B vs. C" overview when active. (Patch by Vladan Bato)
- DirectoryMergeWindow: File/Antifile and DirPattern changes will update immediately without rescan.
- Blue toolbar icons (for better visibility of disabled state)
- Bugfix: Crash when merging and selecting "Choose A/B/C for all unsolved conflicts"
and one of the solved conflicts contained no lines in chosen input.
- Fix: With --auto option, GUI stays invisible if not necessary
- Fixed odd ProgressDialog-behaviour when continuing after an error or abort.
- Directory merge: Fixed FollowFileLinks. (Didn't work when copying a file.)
- Initial position now (x=0,y=22). This solves a problem on some Macs.
- Better alignment of B and C in 3-file comparison
- Correctly updating the selection when scrolling via keys and mouse is pressed
- Horizontal scrolling in right-to-left language caused vertical lines - fixed.
Version 0.9.88 - 2005/25/02
- Fixed crash that occurred in Directory Comparison mode "Full-Analysis".
- Fix for Windows: Didn't save encoding correctly.
- Many translations updated.
Version 0.9.87 - 2005/30/01
- Unicode16 and UTF8 support (Internal data format is now QString (Unicode16). Conversion during save and load.)
- Directory "Full Analysis": Equality-Coloring for files with only whitespace differences. (Michael Denio)
- Support for right to left languages.
- In MergeResultWindow show "<Merge Conflict (Whitespace only)>" for whitespace-only conflicts
- Statusbar shows the number of remaining conflicts and whitespace conflicts.
- Go Next/Prev Difference/Conflict now have improved tooltips informing about "Show White Space"-disabled-behaviour.
Version 0.9.86 - 2004/06/14
- Double click on any file in directory merge would close the directory merge window. (Regression in 0.9.85)
Version 0.9.85 - 2004/06/14
- When solving a conflict KDiff3 reports the number of remaining unsolved conflicts in the status bar.
- Fix for MergeResultWindow-contextmenu: All items were disabled always. (new in 0.9.84)
- Fix for problem when opening files specified relative to current directory. (new in 0.9.84, qt-only-version)
- Fix for compilation with older gcc (2.9x)
- Several Word-wrap problems fixed:
- Find string with word wrap active didn't work if found text was not in first wrap-line.
- overview-position was not updated when toggling word wrap
- horizontal scrollbar was not updated when toggling word wrap
- current selection was lost when toggling word wrap
- selecting a conflict in the diff-text-window didn't work right with word wrap.
- Qt-only: Bold attribute for fonts was not persistent
- Qt-only: Toolbar position was not persistent
- Qt-only: Language-choice shows also the full language name.
- Cursor and windows-boundary-lines were always black instead of having the foreground color
- Starting KDiff3 with two not existing files showed a dialog saying that files are binary equal.
- Errors while starting a directory comparison now also reopens the open-dialog.
- Speedup during directory comparison by avoiding unnecessary redraws. (These always creep in again :-()
- On KDE: When resetting to default options (or first start) now the default KDE-fixed font will be used.
- Mergeresultwindow: Improved behaviour after automatic merge operation.
Version 0.9.84 - 2004/05/29
New Features:
- Word Wrap for DiffTextWindow
- Directory-Comparison: Option "Full Analysis" allows to show the number of solved vs. unsolved
conflicts or deltas vs. whitespace-changes in the directory tree.
- Diff-Menu for Diff-view specific entries
- Docs now contain a new chapter for uses of preprocessor and line-matching-preprocessor.
- Added several credits which now are also visible in the Qt-only version.
- The Qt-only version now also shows all command-line options. Under windows a dialog shows them.
- Command line options -u and -L for Subversion-support.
- Command line options --L1/2/3 for specifying alias names.
- In the Qt-only-version the user-interface-language can be set via the regional-settings
(only effective after a restart).
- ProgressDialog redesign for recursive use.
- Overview now allows to show the delta between two other files in triplediff-mode.
- Option to ignore case which treats case-changes like white space (instead of conversion to upcase).
- Dir-Comp: When one file exists, but the other doesn't then instead the latest used other file was displayed.
- Open dialog: When previously a file C was used, but should be empty now, it reappeared unbidden.
- Several bugs for 64-bit systems fixed.
- Fixed crash when one file ended with a newline and the other did not.
- Windows: Case insensitive filename-pattern matching.
- Corrected behaviour for files with size 0.
- Fix for crash due to a race-condition (Patch by Eike Sauer)
- Windows: Scrolling didn't work right when another window was in front.
- Mergeresultwindow didn't show correct position when starting a second or later merge.
- Fix for problem where sometimes the A/B/C-buttons were in wrong state.
- Pasting from selection via the middle mousebutton.
Version 0.9.83 - 2004/03/06
- Reading directorys fixed for Win95/98
- Caseinsensitive filename matching for windows.
- Autocopy to selection for systems that support this. (Patch by Stefan Partheymueller)
- Drawing during recalc suppressed in merge result editor.
- Cursor could go beyond last line in merge result editor. (Corrected NrOfLine-counting.)
- Windows: Start with invalid cmd-line-options brings up a messagebox with the list of options.
- Corrected encoding when copying to or pasting from clipboard.
- Corrected char-by-char-diff at beginning of line. ("012345 12345 xyz" <-> "012345 xyz")
- Warning when merging with preprocessor or upcase-conversion enabled.
- Rewrite of preprocessing code should fix several problems. E.g.:
- Ignore C/C++-comments only worked with a preprocessor active.
- Preprocessor output now is input of line-matching preprocessor.
- Paste to diff-window, didn't work if LMPP or Ignore C/C++-Comments was set.
Version 0.9.82 - 2004/02/02
- DirectoryMerge: Running merge op for last item in a folder, performed the
merge op for all following items in following folders. (Possible data loss!)
- Fix: Preprocessors and "Ignore Comments" didn't work at the same time.
- Fix: Preprocessors crashed with remote files.
- Open-Dialog: When either input is changed, then reset the output to be empty.
(To avoid accidental overwrites.)
- Icon for "Highlight white space differences."
- Editor-Option: Line End Style for saving: Dos/Windows "\r\n" vs. Unix "\n"
- Merge output editor: Corrected wrong encoding for output-filename and
user-typed characters.
- Speedup for reading directories under Windows.
- Enhanced progress dialog responsiveness during local file copy.
- Fix for non-KDE-version: No URL-encoding when dropping files in open dialog.
Version 0.9.81 - 2004/01/08
- Allow to compile with --enable-final
- Bugfix for 3 file-compare (and A or B don't exist, crashed)
- Bugfix for crash when second directory is merged
- Some keyboard-shortcuts for selection of merge-operation didn't work correctly.
- Shortcuts Ctrl-1/2/3 are possible in textmergewindow and in dirmergewindow,
depending on the focus.
- First steps towards internationalisation
- Manpage doc/en/kdiff3.1 by Eike Sauer (for Debian)
- Directory rescan shortcut SHIFT-F5
Version 0.9.80 - 2003/12/08
New Text Diff/Merge Features:
- Now using GNU-diff algorithms internally. (Option "External Diff" removed.)
- Option for treating C/C++ comments as whitespace during diff.
- Bugfix for locale character encoding (+ new option "Use string encoding")
- Option for suppressing highlighting in white-space changes.
(Also suppresses highlighting in comments and numbers when the
respective options are active.)
- Merge-menu: Choose A/B/C for all unsolved conflicts.
Choose A/B/C for all unsolved whitespace conflicts.
- Options to automatically choose a certain source for whitespace conflicts.
- Shorcut F5 now used to reload the current file.
New Directory-Comparison/Merge Features:
- Option to trust filesize. (Some directory services don't copy the date/time correctly.)
- Shortcut F7 now starts complete directory merge (previously F5).
- Do the selected merge operation for the selected file/dir only
"Run Operation For Current Item" (F6).
- Shortcuts for selecting the merge operation for the selected item.
Ctrl-1/2/3/4/Del select A/B/C/Merge/Delete respectively.
Other Improvements:
- Several i18n-corrections (by Stephan Binner)
- Bugfix for option CVS-ignore: Didn't work correctly in subdirectories.
- Bugfix for remote operations: Operation can now be aborted, when KIO-slaves doesn't respond.
- Cancel-Button in progress bar.
- Default diff-view now again side by side instead of one above the other.
Version 0.9.71 - 2003/10/17
- Windows-Installer by Sebastien Fricker.
- Bugfixes for Windows. (Problems with setFont() in paintEvent().)
- Default font for Windows now "Courier New" (instead of Courier)
- Fix for compilation with gcc 2.95
- Support for Ctrl-Tab under Windows.
- Fix for finding documentation.
- Fix for problem with directory-sync-mode (new in 0.9.70).
- Fix for several subsequent CR-characters in input file.
Version 0.9.70 - 2003/09/28
- Transparent access to URLs via KIO (KDE only):
Compare files and directories on ftp, fish, smb, tar etc. ressources.
- Workaround for a Win32-bug (Crashed sometimes during selections)
- When the merge flag is selected in the open dialog, the directory-tool
always starts a merge by default for each file. Without the flag only a
diff will be started by default.
- Immediately showing progress bar in dir scan.
- Showing progress bar for file comparison too.
- Directory-menu: Fold/Unfold all subdirs
- Bugfix for 3-way auto-merge: A line deleted from the base in B and C
resulted in a empty line instead of being completely removed.
- Improved locale support
- KDiff3 is now a KPart
- in KDevelop3 it can be used to compare the current text with the
last saved version, or the current version on disk with the last cvs version.
- in Konqueror it can be used to look at a unified *.patch-file if one complete
version is available too.
- Documentation is now in docbook-format.
- "Toggle Split Orientation" for Diff-Input windows. (Good for long lines.)
- When "Dir and Text Split-Screen-View" is off: Now "Focus Next/Prev Window"
also toggles between dir and text-windows. Selecting a file via double click
switches to text-screen.
- KDiff3 displays a warning when trying to read a dir without the permission.
- Directory-Diff-Option "Use CVS-Ignore" to ignore files like CVS does.
- Displaying a status message at the end of the directory-comparison.
- Cursor in MergeResultWindow is automatically placed at current difference when a jump occurred.
(But not when something was selected.)
- Fix for cursor blinking in the topline of the MergeResultWindow.
Version 0.9.61 - 2003/06/07
- Compilation problem fixed.
- Directory merge: Preserving file attributes and times during copy. (now also for Win32)
- Crash fixed, when directory comparison from the command-line was started.
Version 0.9.60 - 2003/06/01
New features:
- New ways to select input for the diff window:
- Pasting clipboard text into a diff window.
- Drag and drop a file from a filemanager (e.g. konqueror) onto a diff window.
- Drag and drop text from an editor (e.g. kate) onto a diff window.
Reanalysis starts immediately if no merge is in progress.
(This should help you to compare similar parts in the same file.)
- New/Deleted white lines are now also considered as white deltas.
- Configurable keyboard shortcuts for most actions (KDE version only).
- The overview now also distinguishes whitespace deltas.
New preprocessor options:
- You can now define your own external Preprocessor and LineMatchingPreprocessor:
- "Convert to upper case",
- "Ignore numbers"
Fixed bugs:
- Directory merge: Preserving file attributes and times during copy.
(not for Win32 yet)
- Switch to KDevelop3 (Gideon): Renamed subdir "kdiff3" to "src".
- xpm-files in xpm-subdirectory.
Version 0.9.51 - 2003/04/14
- Compilation fix for gcc 2.95.
Version 0.9.50 - 2003/03/30
Fixed bugs:
- Auto-Advance setting was lost when entering the settings-dialog.
- Windows specific: Keys with AltGr-Combination didn't work.
- Windows 95/98/ME: Fixed crash when KDiff3 is called used without parameters,
and corrected support for external diff.
New Features:
- Search-function: Search for a string in all open text windows.
- Special background colors for current region.
- Button to toggle showing of whitespace in differences.
- Buttons to go to next/prev unsolved (!) conflict.
- While auto-advance waits, no more choices are allowed.
- New setting: Auto-advance-delay.
(Note that with delay 0 fast clicks might be detected as double clicks and the second
click does nothing. My advice: Prefer the keyboard-shortcuts Ctrl-1/2/3)
- Functions to Show/Hide Diff Window A, B or C. The other windows then have more space.
- Merge editor: The right mouse button selects the current region and lets you choose
A, B or C via a popup menu.
- Commandline option --auto: No GUI if all conflicts are auto-solvable.
- When equal files are compared, then a message box informs you.
- Merge current file: When comparing two or three files, the merge can be started with a single click.
- Option dialog: Warning for "Defaults" added, because it resets all options.
- A warning is given, when the user tries to merge binary files. (i.e. files that contain '\0'-bytes)
Changed behaviour:
- 3 file automerge: When for a line B==C (and A!=B) then C will be selected.
(In older versions this was a conflict. I was convinced that this is no problem.)
- Auto-Advance now jumps to next unsolved (!) conflict.
- On 256-color-displays KDiff3 uses them. (Previously KDiff3 only used 16 colors.)
- On 16-color-displays the Defaults-button in the options dialog selects special colors.
Version 0.941 - 2003/02/09
Fixed bugs:
- Qt-only-version: Compile problem corrected.
- Documentation: Formatting for tables corrected.
Version 0.94 - 2003/02/09
New features:
- Option to use external GNU-diff for line matching.
(Sometimes GNU-diff is better, sometimes not: You may choose now.)
- In diff-windows a tooltip shows the full path if you move the mouse on the filename.
- Speedup of directory-merge operations without user interaction.
(Not every item in the tree is made visible anymore. This took too long.)
- When opening a file for comparison or merge KDiff3 immediately shows the first difference.
- "Go To Top/Bottom"-action have been changed to "Go To First/Last Delta".
- Font-Option "Italic For Deltas" added.
- Many icons and actions will only be enabled, when the operation is possible.
- Icon for merge of current file in directory merge mode added.
- New action "Go to Current Delta".
- Conflicts where some lines contained only-white-space-changes are now separated from
other non-white-space-conflicts.
- Experimental: Use as replacement for ClearCase-cleardiffmrg.exe (under Windows only).
See main.cpp for details.
Fixed bugs:
- If files were different, but had the same dates, the "not existant"-icon was
shown for one file. Now a error message will be shown if the option
"Copy newer instead of merging" is used.
- Documentation: Section "The Operation Column" corrected.
- Qt-only-version: Fontsize wasn't correctly restored.
- Keyboard accelerators didn't work for ToggleActions.
Version 0.931 - 2003/01/19
Fix for compilation problems with gcc version < 3.
Version 0.93 - 2003/01/16
New features:
- Directory comparison and merge. (More than 3000 new lines of code only here!!!)
- Open-Dialog: Filename specification: If no previous filename is there then start
directory is taken from another file.
- Message about number of found and automatically solved conflicts.
- Support for wheelmouse based scrolling.
- New option in Diff-tab: Preserve Carriage Return Characters
Fixed bugs:
- Save button disabled until all conflicts are solved.
- Copy-operation conserves conflict messages "<Merge Conflict>".
- Paste operation created pseudo conflicts when the clipboard contained empty lines.
- W95/98/ME specific program crash removed.
Version 0.92 - 2002/11/04
Severe bug corrected:
- Merge menu: Choose A/B/C Everywhere sometimes lost data. (introduced in 0.9)
Version 0.91 - 2002/11/03
Speed improvements for very big/complicated files:
- Faster analysis because of limited search range (can be adjusted).
- Faster scrolling and editor behaviour.
Fixed bugs:
- Compilation problem with gcc 3.2 fixed.
- When comparing two lines, matching spaces often were undetected.
- Merge editor appended extra empty line when saving.
- Sometimes the next diff/conflict wasn't made visible.
- The Auto-Advance setting is saved now.
- When doing a merge the application now has modified-state,
even without further input. (The old method wasn't safe.)
- File selection now always in directory of respective file.
Version 0.9 - 2002/10/16
New features:
- Qt-only support. Allows compilation under KDE2, Gnome, Mac, Windows, ...
Note that KDE3 still gets special treatment.
- For Mergers: Auto-Advance after selection, Choose A/B/C everwhere, ...
- Commandline: If files with same name in different directories
are compared, only the first parameter needs the filename.
- Shift-Del, Ctrl-Ins, Shift-Ins supported for Cut/Copy/Paste
Fixed bugs:
- Make failed on some systems because of missing "minmax.h".
- Files where opened for reading, but not closed afterwards.
- Vertical scrollbar sometimes didn't work correctly.
Version 0.81 - 2002/08/18
New features:
- Now KDE3 is also supported. Previously only KDE2 was supported.
- Navigation via click into the overview column now supported.
Fixed bugs:
- Some input files caused a crash in the diff-algorithm.
- The meaning of option "Ignore trivial matches" was inverted.
- When selecting a text in one window, this deselects any previously
active selection in the same or another window.
Version 0.8 - 2002/07/28
This is the first version to be released.