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This file contains some feature-wishes for future KDiff3-versions.
- Fix drawing in columns A/B/C-directory window
- Qt4-translation files
- Double clicking into empty area causes crash
- Option window is too big (within KDE). (Scrollable?)
- Windows issues:
- Diff-Ext-For-KDiff3 included in the installer
- language selection from within KDiff3
- Export to html-format file
- Export to diff-format output (and import?)
- Export to diff3-format output (and import?)
- Use diff-output as input
- Variable width fonts.
- Use regular expression to ignore certain patterns
- Start without visible compare widgets. (? what did I mean by that)
- Hardlinks -performance support
- Manual alignment during merge should tell user his data will be lost
- Installer for windows for users.
- "List Only Deltas" causes directory merge to delete files
- Diff-view for binary files
- Diff-view for pictures
> > What I find weird is that KDiff3 first creates the 3-way merge view (so
> > the window splits in 4 parts), then closes that and reopens in 2-way
> > diff view. I've never seen the binary package do that. Can this be fixed?
- Only show different lines.
- ftp: Abbruch beim Einlesen von Verzeichnis stoppt nicht vollständig
- Projekt-Verwaltung: Die ganze Config-Datei (=Projektdatei) an einen benutzerdefinierten Ort zu legen. (Keine Angabe->Default)
- Bei Combobox-History alle Elemente von (A/B/C/Out) anzeigen.
- Test on empty floppy drive.
-I suppose this has been asked before, but are there any plans to use
colors for change/insert/delete (i.e. blue = change, green = insert, red
= delete)?
> I want to compare two revisions of a file (eventually I wanna do this on
> two directory hierarchies of files) and have an output of how many lines
> of code were added, modified, and deleted for each file and overall.
> Also, for "Send To" from Windows, it would be nice if I could pick one
> file via Send To, find the second file (if it's in a different
> directory), and click "Send To" again to compare. I.e., when user does
> "Send To", if one instance is already open and waiting for a second
> file, the first instance is used.
- kdiff3 does not preserve the permissions of files it overwrites during a 'save' operation.
- Insbesondere Ausführbarkeit "x" und Schreibschutz "w" sollten erhalten bleiben.
- Under Windows: Shortcut Ctrl-Shift-2 (for select B everywhere doesn't work.)
- Paste from Clipboard doesn't work.
- Bug: Comment section isn't recognized as nonwhite difference if several lines are between /* and */ on one side.
- Overview-option to show only remaining conflicts.
- Overview bar for merge-window and for directory-window.
- ??? The gutters (kdiff3 have 2 "gutters") fonts and background-foreground colors sholud be configured other
than the "general" foreground-background colors. Otherwise they are confused with the main dialog.
- Try to autodetect the line-end-style
- Ignore cvs-keywords like $Revision: x.y$
- Undo function in the merge-editor.
- More viewing options for directory widget.
- And one observation. When select Cyrillic charset - it looks like it was
not saved. When open this dialog again - Latin charset is selected anyway.
- Add options to specify charset.
- Ask before saving to a file that already exists (optionally).
- Don't overwrite existing .orig-file, when saving the second time.
- File Menu: Close (Ctrl-F4): Close current file (check if saved and forget the data)
- Dirview:
- Multiselections: Changing Operations or applying ops for all selected items.
- Optionally show size/date for A/B/C
- Choose what to see (all or only different items)
- If only different items are visible: copy the others nevertheless to destdir.
- Warnung wenn Datum in B oder C älter als A ist.
- Zielverzeichnis nachträglich änderbar
- Bei Kopie von Remote nach lokal: Auf jeden Fall das modification Datum setzen.
- Ctrl-Space doesn't work when a file comparison takes place.
- Option to allow case-insensitive filename-matching.
- Options to show/suppress annoying messages
- What's this-Help.
- Tip of the day.
More Statistics before the merge begins:
- How many files are there?
- How many files are equal/different?
- How many files would be copies/merged/ignored?
- Allow to view and merge CVS-conflict files (and diff3-output) and allow to save output
with conflicts in diff3 output-format.
- Provide configure-rules for systems without KDE. (I need help here.)
- Allow different comment-styles (e.g. via a regexp for comments)
- Possibility to jump to next difference in the same line (for very long lines).
- Allow analysis of unified directory-diff/patch-file.
- LineEdit for Save-Filename