KDirStat – a graphical disk usage utility
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2005-01-07 Stefan Hundhammer <sh@suse.de>
* Improved handling of sparse files:
Now adding up only allocated size
* Improved handling of regular files with multiple links:
Now adding up size / no_links per occurence.
This is much closer to what "du" reports.
* Extended "own size" column context menu to show sparse files
and regular files with multiple links
* Reordered "own size" column context menu for consistency: xxx MB (yyy Bytes)
* Removed currently read path from status line while reading:
Much less flicker, no more constant window resizing, improved performance
* Added explanations for sparse files and multiple links to online help
* Bumped version to 2.4.4
2004-12-06 Stefan Hundhammer <sh@suse.de>
* Added "Open with" cleanup upon request by Jarl Friis <jarl@softace.dk>
* Bumped version to 2.4.3
2004-11-23 Stefan Hundhammer <sh@suse.de>
* Migration to KIO slave trash:/ for "move to trash" cleanup
(querying KDE version >= 3.4 at runtime)
* Added configuration update for safer transition from old-style
fixed "*/Trash" paths to "%t" placeholder
* Fixed lots of KDE libs "deprecated" warnings
* Reimported admin/ subdir from a recent KDE version (3.3.0)
* Bumped version to 2.4.2
2004-03-30 Stefan Hundhammer <sh@suse.de>
* Fixed KPacMan rendering in toolbar (thanks to Coolo)
2004-03-01 Stefan Hundhammer <sh@suse.de>
* Updated German translation
2003-11-13 Stefan Hundhammer <sh@suse.de>
* Added Italian translation by Giuliano Colla <colla@copeca.it>
2003-10-29 Stefan Hundhammer <sh@suse.de>
* Applied i18n patch by Toyohiro Asukai <toyohiro@ksmplus.com>
* Updated Japanese translation by Toyohiro Asukai <toyohiro@ksmplus.com>
2003-10-20 Stefan Hundhammer <sh@suse.de>
* Fixed some SuSE-internal Autobuild complaints
* Fixed treemap context menu popup location
* Bumped version to 2.4.1
2003-09-15 Stefan Hundhammer <sh@suse.de>
* Added Hungarian translation contributed by
Marcel Hilzinger <hili@suselinux.hu>
2003-08-26 Stefan Hundhammer <sh@suse.de>
* Bumped version to 2.4.0
* Fixed crash on program end while reading directories
* Fixed crash on open dir while still reading another directory
* Added "stop reading" action
* Added German translation contributed by
Christoph Eckert <fmchristoph.eckert@t-online.de>
2003-05-25 Stefan Hundhammer <sh@suse.de>
* Bumped version to 2.3.7
* Performance boost: Directory reading is now 16-20 times faster
because much fewer KDirTreeViewItems are cloned during reading
* Using QListViewItem::compare() instead of QListViewItem::key()
for better performance: less string operations / numeric formatting
2003-04-28 Stefan Hundhammer <sh@suse.de>
* Added French translation by Michel Grentzinger <mic.grentz@online.fr>
* Don't add up special files (char/block devices, sockets, FIFOs)
2003-02-03 Stefan Hundhammer <sh@suse.de>
* Bumped version to 2.3.6
* Fixed crash on startup when no config file present
2003-02-02 Stefan Hundhammer <sh@suse.de>
* Fixed crash in treemap when deleting subtree with cleanup
* Improved treemap action enabled/disabled state update
2003-01-30 Stefan Hundhammer <sh@suse.de>
* Bumped version to 2.3.5
* Colorize treemap tiles (by fixed rules, not customizable yet)
* Added new '%t' cleanup placeholder for the KDE trash directory
* Read jobs are now displayed in the percentage bar column
2003-01-28 Stefan Hundhammer <sh@suse.de>
* User cleanups now have an applicaton-wide keyboard shortcut
(Ctrl-0, Ctrl-1, Ctrl-2, ...)
* Prevent some treemap segfaults when re-reading directories
2003-01-14 Stefan Hundhammer <sh@suse.de>
* Synchronize treemap selection with dir tree after treemap rebuild
2003-01-08 Stefan Hundhammer <sh@suse.de>
* Changed activity point handling: The user was prompted far to
early to send feedback mail.
* Changed treemap double click handling:
Now double clicking the middle button zooms out,
double clicking the right button does nothing
(it pops up the context menu before receiving the second click
* Changed help file accordingly
2003-01-07 Stefan Hundhammer <sh@suse.de>
* Bumped version to 2.3.4
* Updated admin subdir to latest KDE autoconf / automake stuff
* Gcc 3.x fixes
2003-01-06 Stefan Hundhammer <sh@suse.de>
* Tweaked treemap cushion ridges:
Squarified layout row now gets its own ridge,
no more double /triple ridges for directories
* Changed treemap cushion light source direction from bottom right
to top left
* Moved min/max/default for treemap settings to central header file
* Changed max/default treemap setting values
* Reduced settings dialogs outer borders:
No more accumulated borders
2003-01-04 Stefan Hundhammer <sh@suse.de>
* Added "general" settings page; now user configurable:
- cross file system boundaries
- use local dir read methods
- PacMan animation in toolbar
- PacMan animation ("PacMan armada") in dir tree
* Added "treemap" settings page: now user configurable:
- plain vs. cushion treemap
- squarified vs. simple treemap
- ambient light
- height scale factor
- force grid
- draw lines upon low contrast
- plain (non-cushioned) treemap colors
- highlight rectangle color
- minimum tile size
- auto-resize treemap
* Added "open URL" in "file" menu for easier access to remote URLs
* Bumped version to 2.3.3
2003-01-01 Stefan Hundhammer <sh@suse.de>
* Added treemap actions
* Added treemap menu
* Added treemap context menu
* Improved treemap integration into main application
* Added online help for treemaps
2002-12-31 Stefan Hundhammer <sh@suse.de>
* Lots of small fiddling with treemaps
2002-12-28 Stefan Hundhammer <sh@suse.de>
* Implemented cushion treemaps
* Bumped version to 2.3.2-devel
* Changed treemap selection mechanism:
Now using a transparent separate rectangle so even the outline
of entire directories can clearly be seen.
2002-12-27 Stefan Hundhammer <sh@suse.de>
* Added treemap mouse operations:
- select item in tree view (single click left)
- zoom in (double-click left)
- zoom out (double-click right)
- rebuild treemap in visible area (double-click middle)
* Added visible selection in treemap
* Select treemap tile when tree item is selected
2002-12-26 Stefan Hundhammer <sh@suse.de>
* Implemented squarified treemaps.
Now there are no longer lots of elongated, thin rectangles that
are hard to compare against each other and hard to point at.
2002-12-23 Stefan Hundhammer <sh@suse.de>
* Changed treemap handling completely: Now using QCanvas.
* Bumped version to 2.3.1-devel
2002-05-12 Stefan Hundhammer <sh@suse.de>
* Initial version of new treemaps
* Communication between treemap view and tree view
* Bumped version to 2.3.0-devel
2002-05-10 Stefan Hundhammer <sh@suse.de>
* Removed support for old treemaps
* Updated build-howto.html
2002-05-09 Stefan Hundhammer <sh@suse.de>
* Bumped version to 2.2.0
The KDE3 port proved stable enough to warrant a new stable
2002-04-23 Stefan Hundhammer <sh@suse.de>
* Bumped version to 2.1.1-beta
* Added Japanese translation by
Toyohiro Asukai <toyohiro@ksmplus.com>
* Applied another Asian lang support patch by
Toyohiro Asukai <toyohiro@ksmplus.com>:
QString::sprintf() -> QString::arg()
2002-04-22 Stefan Hundhammer <sh@suse.de>
* Applied Asian language support patch by
Toyohiro Asukai <toyohiro@ksmplus.com>:
Somme missing QString::fromLocal8Bit() issues
2002-04-18 Stefan Hundhammer <sh@suse.de>
* KDE-3 migration:
- Replaced admin/ subdirectory completely
* Bumped version to 2.1.0-beta
2002-03-01 Stefan Hundhammer <sh@suse.de>
* Bumped version to 2.0.1
* Added large file (>2GB) support
2002-02-24 Stefan Hundhammer <sh@suse.de>
* Bumped version to 2.0.0 - the real release version
* Completed help texts
* Added "Help" button to feedback dialog
* Added "Help" button to settings dialog
* Drastically reduced logging to stdout
2002-02-11 Stefan Hundhammer <sh@suse.de>
* Prevent crash: Disable cleanups that modify the subtree while it
is still being read
2002-02-10 Stefan Hundhammer <sh@suse.de>
* Fixed double slashes in URLs when opening with file selection box
* Bumped version to 1.8.7-rc2
2002-02-09 Stefan Hundhammer <sh@suse.de>
* Fixed huge numbers overflow in details context popup
* Fixed huge numbers sorting
* Added new action "continue reading at mount point".
This is essentially the same as "refreshing selected branch",
but it's more intuitive to use.
2002-02-02 Stefan Hundhammer <sh@suse.de>
* Initial help documentation
* Bumped version to 1.8.6-rc1
This is the first release candidate.
The final version will be released as 2.0
2002-01-27 Stefan Hundhammer <sh@suse.de>
* Fixed update bug upon "refresh branch" and executing cleanups
* Embed cleanup %p / %n parameters in double quotes
* Added keyboard accelerators for standard cleanups
* (Partial) fix for PacMan animation display error on some KDE themes
* Bumped version to 1.8.5-beta
2002-01-19 Stefan Hundhammer <sh@suse.de>
* Added feedback mail facility
* Bumped version to 1.8.4-beta
2002-01-10 Stefan Hundhammer <sh@suse.de>
* Fixed repaint error in percentage bar column when scrolling
* Fixed repaint error when resizing percentage bar column
2002-01-04 Stefan Hundhammer <sh@suse.de>
* Bumped version to 1.8.3-beta
The new KDirStat is now as complete as the old one ever was!
* Added simple 'mail to owner' report
* Implemented cleanup configuration
* Added 'ask for confirmation' flag to cleanups
* Added 'works for local files only' flag to cleanups
* Fixed URL handling: Always strip off trailing slash
* Fixed app icon
* Fixed .desktop file - KDirStat is now in 'Utilities'
2002-01-03 Stefan Hundhammer <sh@suse.de>
* Implemented save/read configuration
* Updated TODO list - gosh, was this thing outdated!
* kdDebug() operator << for KCleanup
* kdDebug() operator << for KDirTreeViewItem
2002-01-02 Stefan Hundhammer <sh@suse.de>
* Implemented 'settings' dialog
* Implemented 'tree colors' settings
2002-01-01 Stefan Hundhammer <sh@suse.de>
* Implemented / completed KCleanupCollection
* Fixed some core dumps (oops)
2001-12-31 Stefan Hundhammer <sh@suse.de>
* kdDebug() operator<< for KFileInfo
2001-12-30 Stefan Hundhammer <sh@suse.de>
* Bumped version to 1.8.2-beta
* Cleanups are back!
2001-12-26 Stefan Hundhammer <sh@suse.de>
* Mount point remains marked as mount point even after
"refresh selected branch"
* KFileInfo / KDirInfo now have direct access to their
KDirTree (i.e. they now have their own pointer)
=> transparent access from outside easier
2001-12-08 Stefan Hundhammer <sh@suse.de>
* Tree colors are back again
* Transparently handle selections in the KDirTree;
all kinds of views should benefit from that.
2001-11-25 Stefan Hundhammer <sh@suse.de>
* Bumped version to 1.8.0-beta
* Added "Refresh selected" to main + context menu
* Implemented refreshing a single branch
* Many internal changes to enable deleting subtrees
(this is a requirement for cleanups)
* Internal cleanup: Got rid of that statRoot() mess,
clean ??::stat() implementation for all directory readers
2001-11-18 Stefan Hundhammer <sh@suse.de>
* Bumped version to 1.7.11-devel
* Improved mount point handling:
* Different icon,
* New read status KDirOnRequestOnly
* Prepared for explicit reading of mounted file systems
* Created infrastructure for context menu in tree view
* Simple context menu (cleanup actions will follow)
2001-11-17 Stefan Hundhammer <sh@suse.de>
* Moved treemap sources to separate subdirectory to prevent that
too-clever admin/am_edit script from breaking things: It always
uses all available sources rather than just those in
* Changed default from --enable-treemaps to --disable-treemaps
since treemaps don't compile and link for more than 6 weeks now.
* Updated build-howto.html
2001-10-22 Harald Fernengel (harry1701@users.sourceforge.net)
* make it work with Qt 3 / KDE 3
2001-09-26 Alexander Rawass <alexannika@users.sourceforge.net>
* committed Makefile.am from kdirstat-1-7-10-devel
2001-09-26 Alexander Rawass <alexannika@users.sourceforge.net>
* debugging output in tdeparts
2001-09-25 Alexander Rawass <alexannika@users.sourceforge.net>
* added files kdirstat_{part,factory}.{cpp,h,rc}
* trying to make a kpart of kdirstat
* libtool does not work for me yet
2001-08-20 Alexander Rawass <alexannika@users.sourceforge.net>
* modified configure.in.in to test for libqtreemap
test may not work on some/most systems
2001-08-18 Alexander Rawass <alexannika@users.sourceforge.net>
* V1.7.8-devel
* added kdirstat.spec (to build rpms)
* released kdirstat-1.7.8-1.i386.rpm
2001-08-17 Alexander Rawass <alexannika@users.sourceforge.net>
* removed files q*{cpp,h} from cvs
* removed doc/treemaps from cvs
* modified configure.in and kdirstat/Makefile.am
* QTreeMap is now in it's own cvs qtreemap.sourceforge.net
2001-08-11 Alexander Rawass <alexannika@users.sourceforge.net>
* QTreeMap can write data files for 'HypView',
a hyperbolic tree browser
2001-08-09 Alexander Rawass <alexannika@users.sourceforge.net>
* changed all size-functions from int to asize/float
* qxmltreemap: if a node has got an empty attribute 'size',
the size is calculated recursively
* new files & classes
* files q*treemap* are built as a library libqtreemap
* new qxmltreemapviewer binary:
stand-alone QT/Xml Treemap Viewer
* QTreeMap/QListViewTreeMapArea works fine with KProf
2001-08-09 Stefan Hundhammer <sh@suse.de>
* Added "credits" section in about box
2001-08-08 Stefan Hundhammer <sh@suse.de>
* Implemented iterator classes: KFileInfoIterator and
* Added CREDITS file
2001-08-06 Stefan Hundhammer <sh@suse.de>
* Fixed segfaults due to bad dot entry cleanup (huh? ;-) ) that
had caused core dumps after finishing reading small trees
2001-08-05 Alexander Rawass <alexannika@users.sourceforge.net>
* compiler warnings removed
* using List of Objects (instead List of KDirInfo)
* Bug: regexps not working in xml-window
selection not working in xml-window
* removed dependencies to KDirStat from QTreeMap
2001-07-29 Alexander Rawass <alexannika@users.sourceforge.net>
* load XML working (with memory hole)
2001-07-28 Alexander Rawass <alexannika@users.sourceforge.net>
* new sort of treemap/drawing mode: piemap
added file qtreemaparea_piemap.cpp
will not get checked in until legal problems solved
* checkmarks work also for paintmode
* new options for piemap mode
* bitmap can be saved to a file
* tree can be saved as xml file
* new files & classes
(don't work yet)
* new defines for compilation:
HAVE_PIEMAP if you have the piemap source
EXPERIMENTAL if you want to see more options
2001-07-17 Alexander Rawass <alexannika@users.sourceforge.net>
* user can use keywords instead of numbers for options
* checkmarks start working
* yet only with drawmode
2001-07-16 Alexander Rawass <alexannika@users.sourceforge.net>
* user can now use regexps or wildcards in config
* regexps are now compiled only once at startup
* wildcards are working correctly
* regexps need 3 /// backslashes in kdirstatrc
* Feature: the color list is parsed in alphabetic sort
2001-07-14 Alexander Rawass <alexannika@users.sourceforge.net>
* KDirTreeMapWindow reads out configuration with TDEConfig
* Bug: regexps are not working correctly
2001-07-13 Alexander Rawass <alexannika@users.sourceforge.net>
* user can click on rectangles and select/deselect them
* those rectangles are stored in a list and appear
at the bottom of the right-button popupmenu
2001-07-12 Alexander Rawass <alexannika@users.sourceforge.net>
* user can search for regexp, matches get highlighted
* current_dir_display working again
2001-07-11 Alexander Rawass <alexannika@users.sourceforge.net>
* new shading: image (sensible only with squarify)
displays pictures, can be used as picture browser
* removed most warnings
2001-07-11 Alexander Rawass <alexannika@users.sourceforge.net>
* various bugs fixed in squarified treemaps:
correct end of recursion
using floats rather than ints to prevent miscalc.
should work now????
* new hierarchical shadings
2001-07-10 Alexander Rawass <alexannika@users.sourceforge.net>
* implemented squarified treemaps (experimental, buggy)
* new file added: qtreemaparea_squarify.cpp
* Bug: when zooming in too much, the paintarea takes up too much
memory -> X swaps till death
2001-07-05 Alexander Rawass <alexannika@users.sourceforge.net>
* more options and exp. shadings
* experimental dynamic shading (not working)
* user can watch treemap build up
* paintEntry moved to qtreemaparea_paint.cpp
* drawTreeMap,drawDuTree,CTM moved to qtreemaparea_recursion.cpp
* renamed some of the shadings and
* wrote some Documentation how to use Shadings and Options
2001-07-03 Alexander Rawass <alexannika@users.sourceforge.net>
* QTreeMapWindow is now an abstract class
* KDirTreeMapWindow implements makeTreeMapWidget()
* experimental hierach. cushion
* new menu options (experimental & debugging)
* new way to make a border (border_step)
* CTM (Cushion Treemap) test routine added (not working yet)
* new Bug: I'm getting warnings about wrong RGB parameters,
even in flat mode
2001-07-01 Alexander Rawass <alexannika@users.sourceforge.net>
* QTreeMapArea is now a general abstract class to display hierarchies of any kind (not connected to KDirStat anymore)
* KDirTreeMapArea is the implementation for KDirStat
* new Bug: signals/slot not working correctly
* Bug fixed: crashed when telling kdirstat to display a directory which does not exist
2001-06-29 Stefan Hundhammer <sh@suse.de>
* Moved CVS to SourceForge
2001-06-24 Alexander Rawass <alexannika@users.sourceforge.net>
* V1.7.6-Devel
* Removed Zoom Bug
* Removed DM_FILES Bug
* Faster shading (dirs are always drawn flat)
* New directory coloring (shades of grey)
* Options for start direction, border width, draw text
* Removed most compiler warnings
2001-06-18 Stefan Hundhammer <sh@suse.de>
* V1.7.3-Devel
* Applied first treemap patch from
Alexander Rawass <alexannika@users.sourceforge.net>
* Added Alexander Rawass to authors list
* Improved treemap repaint behaviour (not perfect yet)
2001-06-17 Stefan Hundhammer <sh@suse.de>
* V1.7.2-Alpha
* Implemented support for all of KDE's IO protocols (ftp, smb, ...)
* Fixed PacMan warnings on premature exit