KDirStat – a graphical disk usage utility
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TODO list for KDirStat
Updated: 2005-01-07
- help text for "treemap" settings
- help text for "general" settings
- update screen shots in online help (no treemaps yet)
- make KDirStat a KPart
- German help file
- Animation other than pacman (optional?)
- configure mail report texts (the user gets an editor in the mailer anyway)
- 'kdf' like 'disk free' display for file system of current tree - pie, bar graph?
Steal that thing from the SuSE YaST2 package manager UI I wrote?
(which, in turn, I stole in large parts from KDirStat)
- Filter on tree view: by user, by mtime, by size
- Select items in the tree view as "special interest" for further processing in mail reports
- Manually mark dir subtrees as "static" - e.g., for system directories that
almost never change anyway; scan them just once and save their sizes to file;
only rescan those subtrees on explicit user request
- Automagically mark such subtrees by mtime and/or a hardwired list
Postponed until further notice:
- write scanned trees to cache file for later reuse;
use this cache file first and then begin scanning the dir tree.
Since the Linux 2.4 kernel is great at caching directory entries,
this isn't really necessary for Linux - and I am a Linux guy...