KDirStat – a graphical disk usage utility
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  1. We would like to thank the following people:
  2. - Alexander Rawass <alexannika@users.sourceforge.net> for implementing the
  3. first version of treemaps for KDirStat (this version has been completely
  4. replaced beginning May 2002).
  5. - Ben Shneiderman for his ingenious idea of treemaps as an alternative and
  6. truly intuitive way of visualizing trees.
  7. - All the people at the TU Eindhoven who worked on SequoiaView that gave us the
  8. inspiration for including treemaps in KDirStat and numerous papers describing
  9. the algorithms behind it.
  10. - Harald Fernengel (harry1701@users.sourceforge.net) for continued support for
  11. integrating KDirStat with new Qt versions.
  12. - Toyohiro Asukai <toyohiro@ksmplus.com> for Asian support patches.