KDirStat – a graphical disk usage utility
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  1. TODO list for KDirStat
  2. ========================
  3. Updated: 2005-01-07
  4. - help text for "treemap" settings
  5. - help text for "general" settings
  6. - update screen shots in online help (no treemaps yet)
  7. - make KDirStat a KPart
  8. Maybe:
  9. ======
  10. - German help file
  11. - Animation other than pacman (optional?)
  12. - configure mail report texts (the user gets an editor in the mailer anyway)
  13. - 'kdf' like 'disk free' display for file system of current tree - pie, bar graph?
  14. Steal that thing from the SuSE YaST2 package manager UI I wrote?
  15. (which, in turn, I stole in large parts from KDirStat)
  16. - Filter on tree view: by user, by mtime, by size
  17. - Select items in the tree view as "special interest" for further processing in mail reports
  18. - Manually mark dir subtrees as "static" - e.g., for system directories that
  19. almost never change anyway; scan them just once and save their sizes to file;
  20. only rescan those subtrees on explicit user request
  21. - Automagically mark such subtrees by mtime and/or a hardwired list
  22. Postponed until further notice:
  23. ===============================
  24. - write scanned trees to cache file for later reuse;
  25. use this cache file first and then begin scanning the dir tree.
  26. Since the Linux 2.4 kernel is great at caching directory entries,
  27. this isn't really necessary for Linux - and I am a Linux guy...
  28. ;-)