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1. Fix 'kgtk-wrapper ./app' case.
2. Set filename for KdialogD4's save as filedialog.
3. Hacky fix for Firefox crashing when trying to save to a file that
already exists -> delete it first!
4. When launching KDialogD, try todetermin which version is installed.
5. Add some compile fixes from kde-apps
1. Fix CMake bug at double definition of destantion dir for gmo.
- thanks to Yar Odin.
2. When KDialogD is started, write its PID to a file. When each app
attempts to connect to KDialogD, it checks if the PID in the file
is still active - if not it starts KDialogD.
3. TDEIO::NetAccess::mostLocalUrl fails if a file does not exist. If so,
then check if parent folder exists - and if so, append filename to
1. Fix russion translation files - thanks to Yar Odin
2. Fix some CMake 2.6 issues.
1. Fix detection of firefox. Treat xulrunner as Firefox.
2. Quick hack for kino - always save as .kino
3. Prevent dummy gtk window from appearing in KDE4's 'present windows'
window selector.
4. Translations:
Brazillian Portuguese (pt_BR) Márcio Moraes
Russion (ru) Yar Odin
5. Fix kdialogd4's file widget.
6. Fix kgtk-wrapper script for relative paths - thanks to Ingo Müller.
7. set G_BROKEN_FILENAMES=1 for non UTF8 locales.
1. Translations:
Spanish (es) Marco Antonio Blanco <>
2. When saving with opera, show the suggested filename.
1. Translations:
German (de)
Czech (cs) Marián Kyral <>
2. Fix firefox crash when overwriting an existing file.
1. Remove 'which gimp' from kgtk-wrapper - oops!
2. In kgtk-wrapper, set opera to use qt3
3. Fix opera crash.
4. Use GLib's convert function to convert to/from utf8, and
to/from URIs
5. Walk through Qt3's QFileDialog's children to locate combobox
containing filetypes, as opposed to using a copy of QFileDialogPrivate
6. Translations:
Simplified Chinese (zh_CN) Liang Qi <>
French (fr) Paul Thomas <>
British English (en_GB) Me!
7. Implement over-riding of non statically called Qt4 QFileDialogs
1. Use cmake as build system.
2. Fix recognition of gimp 2.4
3. Fix translation of standard kde strings.
4. Fix case where kgtk-wrapper is called via a symlink.
1. Fix dialog parenting issues with Gtk folder picker combo/menu.
2. Fix compilation issue for KDE < 3.4
3. Treat Iceweasel and Swiftfox the same as firefox.
4. Improve operation under beryl.
5. Add KDE4 and Qt4 support.
6. Reduce heavy CPU usage of kqt
7. Fix some i18n issues.
8. Place wrapper scripts into prefix/bin, and libraries into prefix/lib/kgtk
9. kgtk-wrapper can now be called for Gtk2, Qt3, nd Qt4 apps. The app is checked
to determin which toolkit it is using. If this check fails, you may edit
~/.kde/share/config/kgtkrc and add lines such as
Setting "abiword=x" disables kgtk for abiword (as it doesnt work!)
1. Install scripts into $prefix/bin as opposed to hard-coding
2. Debug messages are disabled by default, to enable reconfigure
with --enable-debug-messages
3. Work correctly for autopackage'd apps - e.g. Inkscape 0.44
4. Fix inkscape 0.44's export bitmap file dialog appearing underneath
export dialog.
5. Convert kdialogd to a KDE app. This app is started by Gtk/Qt apps,
and will self terminate 30 seconds after the last connected app
has disconnected. This timeout can be changed by editing kdialogdrc
and changing
6. Libraries installed to $KDEPREFIX/share/apps/kgtk
7. Remove .sh extension from scripts
8. When starting kdialogd, create the socket folder if it does not
already exist.
**NOTE** You *MUST* remove any previous version of KGtk before using this
version. i.e. you must delete the,, and the
kdialogd.desktop files. KDE also must be restarted - to remove the KDED
1. Bug fix in wrapper scripts, use "$@" and not $* - thanks to
Victor Fernandez Martinez
2. Fix sending of UTF-8 characters from KDED module to app.
1. Check for existance $TDETMP, or $TMPDIR when creating socket.
2. Use UTF-8 when talking to KDED module.
1. Compile fixes - 64bit, Gtk<2.6
1. Make the KDED module a load-on-demand module, as opposed to always being
loaded. Module can be unloaded with:
dcop kded kded unloadModule kdialogd
2. Filters should now work for inkscape save - at least in inkscape 0.43
3. Add ./configure check to ensure Gtk >= 2.4
4. Added a ./configure check for dlvsym within libdl, if not found then
dlsym is not overriden - and SWT aps wont work :-(
5. In ./configure try to determine version of dlsym.
6. Try to load gtk_file_chooser_set/get_do_overwrite_confirmation's
from libgtk - if found then use, otherwise assume Gtk app will
do overwrite detection.
7. Correctly handle empty selection in single-file open mode.
8. Fix initial dir of non-statically called QFileDialogs
9. Modify Scribus's save file filters to have a "Compressed Documents" entry
-- will break localisation of scribus :-(
1. Support non-statically called QFileDialogs
2. Fix compilation under KDE <3.5
3. Save/restore PATH in wrapper scripts.
4. Now works with eclipse 3.1 (and all SWT apps? Seems to also work with
5. At start up Gtk app passes its name to KDialogD so that dialog settings
can be saved per-app.
6. Remove patterns from filter combo strings - more KDE like.
** NOTE: After installing v0.4, KDE (or at least kded) *must* be restarted -
due to changes in the communication off apps -> kdialogd.
1. Don't show Gtk file-overwrite dialogs, handle the file exists case within
KDE portion.
2. Fix retrieval/display of file filters.
3. Check for accessing of non-local URLs before dialog is closed.
1. Remove and shell scripts from archive -
these should've been generated at make time. Hopefully they will now.
1. Fix qt compile issues.
1. Convert kdialogd into a kded module.
2. Make gtk library a LD_PRELOAD library
3. Add a Qt library
4. Try to convert KURL's into local files
5. When performing a save as, etc, correctly set the current filename and path.
6. Remove font and colour dialog support
1. Initial version.