Kile – integrated LaTeX environment
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CMake 2.4.4 (or later) is required to build Kile.
Building Kile
1. Get the Kile directory from trunk (there is no need to get the whole office
module anymore).
2. Create a "kile-build" directory somewhere for an out-of-source build.
3. Enter the "kile-build" directory and call cmake with:
cmake <path to the kile directory> -DCMAKE_INSTALL_PREFIX=$HOME/.trinity
to install Kile later on in the current user's home directory.
4. In the "kile-build" directory, issue "make" to start the build process.
Issuing "make install" will start the installation process, for which the DESTDIR
option can be used to specify the base directory of the installed files.
Building Documentation
The documentation will automatically be built provided that the documentation files
are located in the following directories:
/doc for the standard documentation and
accompanying image files
/doc for the translated documentation and
images in language <language>
/messages for the translated message catalogs
in language <language>
Please note that every docbook must be called "index.docbook" and that only PNG image
files can be used. Furthermore, message catalogs must be called "kile.po".
When the "doc" and "translations" directories are found, the build targets "docbooks"
and "translations" will be generated for the compiling of the documentation.
Special Flags
The flag "KILE_VERSION" can be set in the CMake cache to specify the installation
directory of basic documentation files (README, AUTHORS, ChangeLog,...), i.e. they
will be installed in "share/doc/kile-${KILE_VERSION}/" instead of "share/doc/kile/".